InVideo’s April Fool’s Day Campaign Pranks 2500 Subscribers

  IVA receives organic reach of 200K social media users    While, throughout the year brands remain honest with their audience to score credibility, it is this one day, where they get to play a prank on them with some wit and quirk.     Capitalizing on the opportunity, InVideo , the SaaS Company launched yet another whacky campaign for this April Fool’s Day with an innovative concept to engage its audience.     Just a few days before April Fool’s Day, the company carved a plan to make the most out of all its digital properties. It played a prank by announcing a new IVA (Intelligent Video Assistant) feature, a voice command video editor assistant which can create videos for users in minutes, without them having to lift a finger.   The company took to its social media platforms and issued a press release as a part of the prank.     InVideo’s creative team made a landing page outlining all the benefits of the AI video maker asking users to sign up in order to get update

SBI come up with Brand New Ad campaign focusing on Loan Facility

 India's Major Public Sector Bank, State bank of India come up with its new campaign in which they are promoting the various loan facility that offered by bank. Aim of the campaign is to spread awareness about various offering by the bank which will be benefited to end consumer. the main focus area is to ease the digital use and get the things done on your finger tip. SBI wants to transform their customer to digital savvy. The Main Highlights of this SBI Campaign is zero Loan Processing fees and SBI is claiming that it has Lowest interest rest as compared to their competitors. SBI is aiming to transform thair existing consumer base to digital. to influence this shift from traditional banking to Digital Banking SBI developed its very own Cell phone app called as SBI YONO. Puting lots of efforts to transform traditional consumers to Digital by creating user friendly app which has alot of possibilites to save your time by sitting at home, all the banking needs at your finger tips. thi

Dia Mirza Secretly Weds Vaibhav Rekhi at her Bandra Residence

 Dia Mirza ties the knot with  private equity professional Vaibhav Rekhi at her Bandra residence in a ceremony solmenised by a female priest The marriage solemnized by a female priest on February 15 was a warm, intimate affair attended by the couple's loved ones Dia Mirza surprised her fans by announcing her marriage to private equity professional Vaibhav Rekhi with a heart-felt note that said, “Love is a full-circle that we call home. And what a miracle it is to hear its knock, open the door and be found by it. Sharing this moment of completion and joy with you all. May all puzzles find their missing pieces, may all hearts heal and may the miracle of love continue to unfold all around us. Dia & Vaibhav" The Vedic ceremony that took place at Dia’s Bandra home on February 15, was solemnized by a female priest and was in keeping with strict COVID-19 protocols. It was attended only by the couple’s closest friends and family members. Post the simple ceremony, toasts and speech

Budget 2021-2022 Speech Of Nirmala Sitharaman Minister Of Finance

Budget 2021-2022 Speech of Nirmala Sitharaman Minister of Finance February 1, 2021 Hon’ble Speaker, I present the Budget for the year 2021-2022. Introduction  1. Honourable Speaker, the preparation of this Budget was undertaken in circumstances like never before. We knew of calamities that have affected a country or a region within a country, but what we have endured with COVID-19 through 2020 is sui generis.  2. When I presented the Budget 2020-21, we could not have imagined that the global economy, already in throes of a slowdown, would be pushed into an unprecedented contraction.  3. We could not have also imagined then that our people as those in other countries would have to endure the loss of near and dear ones and suffer hardships brought about due to a health crisis.  4. The risk of not having a lockdown was far too high. Within 48 hours of declaring a three-week-long complete lockdown, the Prime Minister announced the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, valued at `2.76 lakh cr

Tandav Review 2.5 Stars – Thrilling Political Drama but Lacking at Pace

   Amazon Prime Video’s latest web series Tandav is based on Indian Political System it can be considered as case study for Fresher student who is newly exposed to Indian Politics we can call it “Politics for Dummies” it has Bunch of Highly talented star cast but weak story line spoils the efforts of actors. Earlier they named it Dilli but later they decided to change the name and came up with Tandav. There’s some controversy going on the internet but Let’s keep the baseless controversy aside and review the content which is work of friction. Director : Ali Abbas Zafar Length  : 9 Episode (30 mins each, Total 5hrs 7mins ) Platform : Amazon Prime Video Rating : 2.5 Star Story  : Tadav has 2 stories running in parallel first is of Power Crazy Samar Pratap Played by Saif Ali Khan who is ready to go any extend to be an prime minister and second is of Shiva Shekar Played by Zeeshan Ayyub who is aiming to be a voice for poor People of India and got famous overnight by uploading an Fake Murder

Will investment in Reliance cause any problem to other companies and economy?

  Mukesh Ambani Own Reliance industries has seen many ups and down on the stock market. Mostly ups when the investments comes from foreign companies. now the questions has rise that will this investment in Reliance causes any problem to other companies or not and how it will affect the Indian economy. well the answer is not directly but indirectly it will affect both to the Indian economy as well as other companies in India. well lets get deeper in to this. all the foreign companies own some percent of the Reliance and when company makes profits they have to share it with everyone with their profit share and Mukesh Ambani takes very good care of their investor we have seen it many times in the past. so Mukesh Ambani will give extra to their investor to motivate them to invest more and indirectly he will tempt them. so here the initial money goes to foreign land in form of profit share hence it will affect the Indian economy and rupee value will get decreased and dollar or Euro price wi

Top Stocks for December 2020 Get up to 28 Percent Return | Must Buy Bank of India Share Union Bank-DLF & More.

The Long Confused market has finally seen correction in December 2020 Bank of India share price can go up by 28 percent in December. Interglobe Aviation -Indigo Share price can go up by 15 Percent(Buy at every dip ) RIL Share price may fall down to 1800 The Last month of 2020 is here and many of you will get relax because the worst year will finally end. in stock market the December month can be rewarding for you if you invest in these top stocks analyzed by the Fund manager of ICIC Direct & ICICI Securities. Lets explore The Top Stocks Picks for December 2020. Bank of India : This is a must buy script as the BOI has Aquired 49 Percent stack in AXA Investment Managers buy around 48, Target for this is 64 this stock has potential to reach new 52 week high and can touch 70 as well in next quarter.Bank will aquire 49 percent stack in its two subsidiaries. BOI has entered into Share Purchase Agreement(SPA) with AXA Investment mangers Asia Holdings Private limited knowns AXA IM. This tr