SBI come up with Brand New Ad campaign focusing on Loan Facility

 India's Major Public Sector Bank, State bank of India come up with its new campaign in which they are promoting the various loan facility that offered by bank.

Aim of the campaign is to spread awareness about various offering by the bank which will be benefited to end consumer. the main focus area is to ease the digital use and get the things done on your finger tip. SBI wants to transform their customer to digital savvy.

The Main Highlights of this SBI Campaign is zero Loan Processing fees and SBI is claiming that it has Lowest interest rest as compared to their competitors.

SBI is aiming to transform thair existing consumer base to digital. to influence this shift from traditional banking to Digital Banking SBI developed its very own Cell phone app called as SBI YONO. Puting lots of efforts to transform traditional consumers to Digital by creating user friendly app which has alot of possibilites to save your time by sitting at home, all the banking needs at your finger tips. this is the amazing idea of all the banks and majority of the banks are already having their own digital app. 

SBI Offers various loands Such as Gold Loan. Personal Loan, Wedding loan, Vacation loan

campaign has 4 series focusing on 4 diffrent products and offering

first is digital payment which focuses on the ease of online money transfer and payments through SBI YONO App.

second is for Current account facility and their benefits for filing IT returns and GST input tax. this is good for small and medium enterprises. 

third one is focusing on Home loans at lowest interest rate, the nationalise bank has way better offering in home loan category with usual tax benefits.

 Lastly the forth one is describing about the gold loan or loan against existing golds of consumer this facility is also good for middle class as it has lowest interest and ease of tracking it by using SBI Yono App.


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