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Will investment in Reliance cause any problem to other companies and economy?

  Mukesh Ambani Own Reliance industries has seen many ups and down on the stock market. Mostly ups when the investments comes from foreign companies. now the questions has rise that will this investment in Reliance causes any problem to other companies or not and how it will affect the Indian economy. well the answer is not directly but indirectly it will affect both to the Indian economy as well as other companies in India. well lets get deeper in to this. all the foreign companies own some percent of the Reliance and when company makes profits they have to share it with everyone with their profit share and Mukesh Ambani takes very good care of their investor we have seen it many times in the past. so Mukesh Ambani will give extra to their investor to motivate them to invest more and indirectly he will tempt them. so here the initial money goes to foreign land in form of profit share hence it will affect the Indian economy and rupee value will get decreased and dollar or Euro price wi

Top Stocks for December 2020 Get up to 28 Percent Return | Must Buy Bank of India Share Union Bank-DLF & More.

The Long Confused market has finally seen correction in December 2020 Bank of India share price can go up by 28 percent in December. Interglobe Aviation -Indigo Share price can go up by 15 Percent(Buy at every dip ) RIL Share price may fall down to 1800 The Last month of 2020 is here and many of you will get relax because the worst year will finally end. in stock market the December month can be rewarding for you if you invest in these top stocks analyzed by the Fund manager of ICIC Direct & ICICI Securities. Lets explore The Top Stocks Picks for December 2020. Bank of India : This is a must buy script as the BOI has Aquired 49 Percent stack in AXA Investment Managers buy around 48, Target for this is 64 this stock has potential to reach new 52 week high and can touch 70 as well in next quarter.Bank will aquire 49 percent stack in its two subsidiaries. BOI has entered into Share Purchase Agreement(SPA) with AXA Investment mangers Asia Holdings Private limited knowns AXA IM. This tr