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Tandav Review 2.5 Stars – Thrilling Political Drama but Lacking at Pace

   Amazon Prime Video’s latest web series Tandav is based on Indian Political System it can be considered as case study for Fresher student who is newly exposed to Indian Politics we can call it “Politics for Dummies” it has Bunch of Highly talented star cast but weak story line spoils the efforts of actors. Earlier they named it Dilli but later they decided to change the name and came up with Tandav. There’s some controversy going on the internet but Let’s keep the baseless controversy aside and review the content which is work of friction. Director : Ali Abbas Zafar Length  : 9 Episode (30 mins each, Total 5hrs 7mins ) Platform : Amazon Prime Video Rating : 2.5 Star Story  : Tadav has 2 stories running in parallel first is of Power Crazy Samar Pratap Played by Saif Ali Khan who is ready to go any extend to be an prime minister and second is of Shiva Shekar Played by Zeeshan Ayyub who is aiming to be a voice for poor People of India and got famous overnight by uploading an Fake Murder