The Mega Split - Johnson & Johnson to separate the Company’s Consumer Health business


  • Johnson & Johnson to separate the Company’s Consumer Health business, creating a new publicly traded company. 

  • The planned separation would create two global leaders that are better positioned to deliver improved health outcomes for patients and consumers through innovation.

Year 2021 is full of surprises, from IPO’s to Merger and Acquisitions and from millions of cases to 100 crore vaccinations, we have see it all and now another surprising news is in for Johnson & Johnson.

The US based Pharma Giant Johnson & Johnson is going to split in to two Public limited companies this will affect the share price as well as the US index. Johnson & Johnson Announces aims to Speed up Innovation in solution for Severe infections as the world badly hit by Covid – 19, J&J is keeping themselves ready for future.

After the separation from its consumer health arm which sells Band-Aids and Tylenol from its pharma company Johnson & Johnson will have another public entity for its Medical and FMCG products which will invest 1000cr in Product innovation and consumer safety from the various viruses. Johnson & Johnson aims to complete the separation in 18-24 months in which J&J will be listing new company in the American Stock Market.

After General Electrics and Toshiba, Johnson & Johnson is third major company to announce separations from its parent company. The world is changing dynamically Isnt’it? Johnson & Johnson is having total 136,000 employees which will back the new company and another thousands of new employees will join the firm globally.

Johnson & Johnson is having the investor conference in which the company reveal the future plans to execute this separation along with the opportunities to accelerate growth and footprints for next decade. Johnson & Johnson is expected to generate total revenue of approximately $77 billion in Full-Year of 2021.

If you are regularly investing into stocks and securities then this is a right time to invest in Johnson & Johnson as the company has great potential to scale up and has capabilities to give 10x Return in next decade or short time.

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