Master vs KGF 2 which one is best KGF 2 STAR monthly salary When is the result of KGF 2 audition?

 Guest Post by Ronak Shah.

Well I was searching some of the trending keywords for the first quarter of 2022 and found out that in Indian film industry KGF 2 is trending like never before therefore i decided to answer some of the questions by the internet users. i have picked up top 3 question which is as below and i am gonna answer that one.

  • Question - Master vs KGF 2 which one is best?
    Answer - indeed a good question both master and KGF 2 are best in their own nature but if you would go for Action and Dialogue along with emotions KGF 2 is best. Master has less emotional scenes as compared to KGF 2. Master is good as per the story and characters but KGF is slightly ahead of all this and KGF 2 is the best we can have.
  • Question - KGF 2 STAR monthly salary?
    Answer - well KGF 2 star don't get monthly salary they get salary on a contract basis. like if particular characters needs to shoot for only 2 months then the makers and producer of the film have a 2months contract with the respective KGF 2 star, The main lead of KGF 2 is Yash who have taken good amount of fees for this film. for Part 1 Yash has charged 9cr and for part 2 he has charged 14cr which is almost fifty percent hike. although it requires a lot of hard work and training to act for the particular character and deliver the dialogue as per the directors requirement. in KGF 2 there were many scenes which was not suitable for Yash or it was not looking good on screen even after performing well by Yash then director has removed out some of the scenes from KGF 2 and therefore the final duration of the movie got reduced by 7mins. overall all the actors from the KGF gets monthly salary on the contract basis and not on the daily basis.
  • Question - When is the result of KGF 2 audition?
    Answer - this was the most asked and searched question on google and yahoo search engine, well to answer this, i would say the audition result for KGF 2 is already out and those who got selected got contact by the production team and given the time and date for the shoot. those who are travelling from different cities they are also got contacted and given the full conveyance of their location shifting for the necessary time as per the requirement by the production house. some of them are travelling from Hyderabad and many of them are selected from Mumbai.

    i hope you have liked all the above questions and their answers, you can appreciate me by commenting below. also comment all your further quires, i'll be happy to solve them or answer them. till then sayo nara.(Excuse for Spelling error :) )

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