Vitesco Technologies aims to achieve 100% carbon neutral production by 2030


·      The state-of-the-art facility is spread across 20 acres and contains more than 17580 m2 of manufacturing space

·      The facility aims to achieve 100% carbon neutral production by 2030 and generates its own green energy with photovoltaic systems

Mumbai, India. 30 May 2022. Vitesco Technologies a leading international manufacturer of modern drive technologies and electrification solutions recently celebrated the second anniversary of its Pune facility. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Braun, Senior Vice President of Operations at Vitesco Technologies, visited the facility to commemorate the occasion. The facility is spread across 20 acres and contains more than 17580 m2 of manufacturing space, including over 900 employees.


The Pune plant, like all Vitesco Technologies facilities, serves its grid demand entirely through renewable energy sources. Furthermore, the site generates sustainable electricity. All new photovoltaic systems have been built in the Talegaon facility, generating 03 GWh of electricity from solar energy. The installed capacity is currently 2.6 MW, with the company aiming to increase it to 3.6MW by the end of the year. The facility is also strongly driving automation, digitization, and Industry 4.0, with over 25 cobots and robots installed on the production lines and shopfloor.


During his tour of the facility, Dr. Hans-Jürgen BraunHead of Operations at Vitesco Technologies said “We have a clear vision of the key characteristics of the plant of the future, which are sustainable, smart, and predictive. And our plant in Pune already embodies these qualities with highly automized production lines, state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 solutions and a strong focus on sustainability. But what is most important for me is the highly motivated team, because I genuinely believe that people, not only technology, will shape the plant of the future. I am very impressed with India’s business competency and the employees' enthusiasm to support us on this journey.


Dr. Braun further highlighted that “The carbon footprint must be dramatically decreased to combat climate change, which is one of the major issues of our time. We must take on responsibility for our environment. As a result, the plant of the future must be climate-neutral in operation. That is why I am proud that the plant in Pune has truly established itself as a driver of sustainability.


Vitesco Technologies' clean and efficient electrification solutions contribute significantly to the environment. Therefore, it is equally important that they are manufactured in a sustainable and resource-efficient manner. As a result, Vitesco Technologies has pledged to dramatically cut its carbon footprint and achieve 100% carbon neutral production by 2030. To achieve carbon neutrality, the company lowered CO2 emissions from 10,000 T to 0.2 T within a year.


Mr. Anurag Garg, Managing Director and Country Head, Vitesco Technologies India said “India is seeing an increase in demand for sustainable mobility. Our goal at Vitesco Technologies is to create innovative and efficient electrification technologies in India for all types of vehicles. In addition, we aspire to build a plant of the future that is more sustainable, smart, and predictive. Several innovative projects, particularly at our Pune facility, are being undertaken in this regard. These projects within our manufacturing network on digitization, automation, and sustainability will help to shape the Plant of the Future. I believe that The plant of the future will be smart in all aspects. On the one hand, digitalization, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence can achieve a higher degree of automation in production and supply chain activities. Employees, on the other hand, can make better and faster decisions based on the generated data. A digitally connected ecosystem is emerging under continuous improvement to become more competitive and productive. Through this smart interconnection of people, all systems and the data generated from it, we will be able to forecast trends and events”.


Vitesco Technologies' vision of the plant of the future strives to address technological, geopolitical, sociological, and climatic change challenges that affect not just the automobile industry but also society. The company intends to actively drive the transformation of manufacturing and supply chain management in the country. The objective of the initiative is to paint a picture of how Vitesco Technologies will fulfil the demands of tomorrow's manufacturing using innovative concepts and future technologies.


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