Grand Opening of Dreamland Preschool by Mrs Yamini Yashwant Jadhav

Mazgaon -11th June 2022 - What a humbling moment it is for the Mazgaon residents as they witness this very special occasion of Grand Opening ceremony where
Mrs Yamini Yashwant Jadhav on behalf of Ameera Moez Gadiya and Dreamland Preschool does the honors of Ribbon cutting ceremony and open the doors of new learning center, ”Dreamland Preschool

On the occasion of grand opening ceremony Mrs. Yamini Yashwant Jadhav said, “ I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here as a chief guest and open the doors for Dreamland Preschool my blessings are always with these five ladies who have worked really hard and I am happy that finally they are walking on their path to teach kids here in Byculla, I am very sure that they will get succeed in this teaching journey.

All five founders said, “We are delighted with the presence of Mrs. Yamini Yashwant Jadhav we can’t thank her enough as Yamini ma’am took time from her busy schedule and came to our preschool’s grand opening ceremony. It was our dream come true moment. We are more than happy as we got blessings from Yamini ma’am, we are looking forward to teaching every kids here in dreamland preschool with high levels of education standard and polish them to get succeed in their life.

Their mission at Dreamland pre-school is to bring the best learning experience to its kids through its innovative teaching and fun way of learning which will not only polish their skills but also make them adaptive to learn and grow in their education career.

Ameera, Asma, Gulnaaz, Neha & Amreen, said, “Today’s ceremony highlights and is a tangible reminder of our mission to inspire a lifelong passion for learning, and help our kids become the best version of themselves, with integrity and responsibility at the core. This is made possible, in part, by our unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality teaching and learning environment for our faculty and students.

All five-founder teacher is a professional teacher with a lot of experience in their respective fields of teaching and holds Multiple degrees and some of them also pursuing doctorate degree. With this we can say that the future is very bright for the students who will enroll at Dreamland preschool.

Dreamland Preschool was a dream of 5 highly motivated women; Asma, Gulnaaz, Neha, Amreen and Ameera. It all started with small talks about independent teaching where these young ladies were working.  it all came to an existence during lockdown where finally these 5 took the first step and started by taking online classes and from there got the courage to take it to the next level: an actual offline pre-school.

They initially started the search for places and then one day finally got the one that stole their hearts and started with renovating it and completely transformed it for kids. It's colourful and dreamy just the way they always had in their minds.  then finally after all the consistent hard work of days, finally came the day of opening their pre-school on 11th June 2022.

Interior of Dreamland Preschool

The opening was a grand occasion with smiles and blessings all over and it was also graced by Mrs Yamini Yashwant Jadhav the great MLA of Byculla. she was overwhelmed to see such a wonderful start-up completely handled by 5 women and she praised and supported their hard work.

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