Here's How Paris Keswani, the humanitarian, is combating Mental Health Issues In India and all over the World

Ms. PARIS KESWANI, Ambassador Of Goodwill, Founder of the Great Giving Charitable Global Foundation has made an exceptional difference in the fight to normalize free education for all kids and youth. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased mental health problems worldwide in the people of all ages. The stigma associated with mental health issues makes the situation in India all the more alarming. 


The foundation is a US based non-profit with a grassroots approach to eliminating stigma and providing medical, educational and moral support for patients with mental issues. The foundation also conducts ongoing research and develops curricula to increase education about mental health. Recently Paris Keswani embarked upon an outreach program intended to help the world’s youth deal with peer pressure and inter-relational stress that can cause extreme anxieties and even suicide tendencies especially here in the United States as they prepare to go back to school. This initiative is geared towards finding sustainable solutions that will be acceptable across the board. This initiative will work in coalition with municipal authorities and civil society to bring the expediently needed solution. She is focusing on Incendiary acts of bullying and peer pressure wildly acknowledged to have become an endemic problem in schools across the world. 


The foundation is organizing Seminars to address acts of suicidal thoughts, depression, reliance on dangerous illegal pills as false boosters in our youth in concert with the International Youth Day 2022 at the United Nations.


The foundation is continuously highlighting the global epidemic of violence against women and children by launching a new initiative that aims to inform the world that violence against women must be eradicated for all of us to move forward. For a change we have launched an initiative through seminars, exposes and virtual media campaigns in which we encourage those with the tendencies to commit acts of sexual and physical violence against the women in their lives, weather their wives, sisters, Mothers, girlfriends, nieces, or companions, to express themselves and seek 

the appropriate intervention that will help them work on their anger issues and heal as these behaviors stand as an impediment to our future because our women are our future.

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