Rakshabandhan Movie Review – 4 Stars- Highly emotional drama with social message wins the hearts

Directed by our very own Anand L Rai and Written by Himanshu sharma and Kanika Dhillon, Rakshabandhan movie is a 90’s Drama on a social issue which is still continued in major parts of india. Led by our Khiladi star Akshay Kumar who plays the role of brother who is struggling to get married to his love interest played by Bhumi Pednekar.

CastAkshay Kumar, Bhumi Pednekar, Sadia Khateeb, Sahejmeen Kaur, Smrithi Srikanth, Deepika Khanna, Seema Pahwa

Director: Anand L Rai.
Released Date : 11th August 2022
Duration : 110 minutes
Rating: 4 stars.

Story : Rakshabandhan is a story of  Lala Kedarnath played by Akshay Kumar who runs the very famous chat shop in Chandani Chowk in old delhi and his gol gappas are highly popular among expecting mothers. Lala has 4 sisters and he loves them unconditionally and he has only dreams of getting all of them married because he is also struggling to get married to his love interest Sapna played by Bhumi Pednekar because Kedarnath gave promised to his mother on her death bed to get married only once his all sister gets married and story revolves around the main lead finding the groom for all his 4 sisters. The madness and the twist and turns makes this film slightly illogical but this much you can expect from a Bollywood movie. Story is interesting and highly emotional with social message on women empowerment along with the great Indian dowry rituals which has perfectly portrayed In this film.

Direction & Cinematography: Directed by Anand L rai Rakshabandhan has a very dull moment in terms of direction and cinematography. It takes time to create the 90’s era of Old delhi’s chandani chowk and give vintage look and feel to the film and Anand L Rai has mastered this art. With fine editing skills hiding the mistakes of actors along with good use of modern-day camera angle, the direction and cinematography is at par for this film.

With 110mins run time Rakshabandhan is the shortest film of Akshay Kumar and Anand L rai as a director.

Acting: All four reel sisters of akshay kumar has done justice to their character by giving some cute, adorable & aggressive expressions on the other hand the main lead Akshay kumar and Bhumi Pednekar has also done good job in acting department they both will bring tears in the eyes with their prompt dialogue delivery skills. in few scenes you will observe the overacting done by supporting cast but that’s taken care by editors by giving them less screen space which shows the art of film making.  

Final Verdict : With portrayal of Strong Lead character and struggling life of a typical north Indian family Rakshabandhan is special film on a social issue with high amount of humour and extra emotional scenes. 4 stars to this Social melodrama film its a good watch! Specially for the orthodox society of india. 

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