2 powerful women, Global Icon Priyanka Chopra and US VP Kamala Harris come together to discuss women’s right at the White House

 Global inspiration Priyanka Chopra’s interview of US Vice President Kamala Harris and her thoughts on equal-pay

International superstar and Global icon inspires us with her interview with US Vice President on the topic of Women’s rights

Philanthropist and International actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas has been soaring higher and higher. Professionally she is part of Amazon’s biggest show yet and she has also launched and managed her own hair care line. However it is her Philanthropic endeavours that have made her the most loved celebrity right now. From fulfilling her duties as a UN ambassador to speaking up about the survivors of the Ukraine War to presenting the opening remark at UN General Assembly to now getting to interview the esteemed US Vice President Kamala Harris, Priyanka Chopra has done awe inspiring work

Her recent most inspirational moment happened to be at the White House where she was interviewing Kamala Harris. The topic in question was Women’s rights and the need for women in the government. During this very interview the global icon confided that after having been an actress for nearly two decades, it is only this year that she has had the same pay as her male co-stars. The talented actress who has a thriving career across Bollywood and Hollywood shed light on the struggle of power and the necessity of equal pay amongst many other important social issues encountered by a woman. 

The international star has never shied away from talking her mind and standing up for what is right. She has been an inspiration to many young women across the world and continues to advocate for the rights of the marginalised. Her role as a UN Ambassador has proven to be utterly important and motivational for the coming generation

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