Five unknown facts about Raja Kumari that the world does not know

Renowned for her vocal prowess and lyrical precision, Grammy - nominated Indian rapper Raja Kumari has captured hearts worldwide with successful albums like HBIC, Cleopatra, Out of Love, and Sahi Ja Nahi. She's been nominated four consecutive times for Best India Act at the MTV European Music Awards. On the occasion of her birthday, let's look at some of the things that are still unknown about Raja Kumari:

*1. Rooted in Indian Culture*

Raja Kumari's parents began teaching her as a classical dancer and singer at a very young age. She received training in Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, and Odissi, three different dance styles. Furthermore, at the age of 7, she made a stunning entrance in front of renowned sitar performer Shri Ravi Shankar, who praised her by describing the starlet child as "beyond her years."  She started performing at the age of 5 and therefore by the age of 10, Raja Kumari had performed in 15 cities.

*2. How did the name, Raja Kumari come up?*

Ms. Kumari, created her stage name when she was 14 as Raja Kumari to project a fearless version of herself and to build a visual identity around female Hindu goddesses, it is the concept that Raja truly believes in.

*3. Philozoic*

Raja Kumari has always been fond of animals and loves to spend quality time with them. Her adorable posts about her dog always melts our hearts as it showcases the loves she has for pets. Raja Kumari has a cute dog named "Kush".

*4. Journey from songwriter to Famous Rapper in the Country* 

Raja Kumari was a songwriter before becoming a singer. She use to write songs for Fallout boy, Gwen Stefani, and Iggy Azalea through which she gained the confidence to become a singer herself.  Raja Kumari is a pioneer of several awards and has always been famous for her incredible voice and the songs she writes. Raja Kumari believes in persistence, pushing yourself, authenticity, and being who you are. She has also co-written the song "Centuries" with Fall Out Boy. 

*5. Philanthropist*

Raja Kumari always believes in giving back to society there have been multiple times when Raja Kumari has done houseful shows and has donated her fees to charitable causes. The Foundation for Indic Philosophy and Culture (Indic Foundation) has recognized her as a benefactor. The Indian rapper has also contributed to various humanitarian activities including the creation of a hospital in Bangalore and a school for physically disabled children.

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