From exciting action sequences to intriguing storyline: John Wick: Chapter 4 has a lot to offer!


After the blockbuster success of the first three installments of the John Wick series, Keanu Reeves, aka our beloved John Wick, is back to make our jaws drop. The story follows John Wick's journey towards defeating an organized crime syndicate, The High Table, and a new villain, Marquis de Gramont, portrayed by Bill Skarsgard. The sequel promises thrilling action and adventure as Wick wreaks mayhem upon his rivals with deadly combat skills. We feel this movie is the perfect entertainer for everyone, and here are the reasons why you must book your tickets right away.


  1. A treat for action movie enthusiast


John Wick: Chapter 4 is reportedly the greatest action movie ever made. The film assures high-octane and well-choreographed action scenes, from hand-to-hand combat to gun fights, viewers can expect a thrilling ride that keeps one on the edge of their seat. Grab your movie tickets to enjoy the adrenaline rush and the spectacle of the fights on the giant screen.


  1. Stuntman turned Director-Chad Stahelski makes the 4th sequel an absolute must-watch


The action flick delivers some of the most impressive stunts in the modern cinema history. Credit goes to director Chad Stahelski and his vision as a stunt performer. Did you know that Stahelski started his career as a stuntman back at the age of 24 for ‘The Matrix’ where he served as Reeve’s stunt double? It was then in 2014, when he collaborated with the mega star to launch the first chapter of John Wick. Stahelski’s experience and vision for the series will ensure that the quality of the film is top-notch.


  1. More of Keanu Reeves accompanied by stellar star cast


Keanu Reeves has become synonymous with the John Wick personality, and we are sure that the fans of the franchise will be excited to see him reprise the role once again. The film also features new additions including Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgård, and Hiroyuki Sanada.


  1. Cast and crew of John Wick: Chapter 4 dedicates the film to late actor Lance Reddick


Late Actor Lance Reddick was on everyone’s mind as the film neared its release. The actor tragically passed away at 60 last week leaving his fellow cast members including Keanu Reeves broken-hearted. To honour Lance‘s memory the crew reportedly asked everyone to wear blue ribbons on their outfit during the premiere. Keanu also memorialized him on the red carpet and said that the movie belonged to Lance Reddick.


  1. The 4th sequel gets longer and better


The film runs at an impressive 2 hours and 49 minutes, but we are not complaining! Each film has upped the ante as John Wick continues his quest for vengeance against those who wrong him and his loved ones. Not to forget the stunning visuals, sound design, and music that the film will offer. A long watch, but we are sure that you will keep asking for more.



  1. A hint for the next John Wick instalment


Fans will be left wondering if they will get to see their beloved Keanu Reeves horse-riding, brandishing swords, and blazing guns on the big screen again. To find out, you must watch the 4th chapter which lives up to the expectations from its very first scene and make sure you watch out for that hint!

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