AAP KI ADALAT: "My love stories will go with me to the grave", Salman Khan tells Rajat Sharma


In a no-hold-barred interview with Rajat Sharma in 'Aap Ki Adalat', super star Salman Khan admitted that he has been "unlucky in love", probably because of his own faults.

Asked whether he intended to write an autobiography on his love affairs, he replied: "My love stories with go with me to the grave".

Asked when he intends to marry, he replied: "Jab aisa koi aayegi, toh ho jayega, Sir”(when somebody will come, it will happen).  "Actually, sabhi achhe hain (all my previous girl friends were good), the fault lies in me. When the first one left, it could have been her fault, when the second one and then the third one left, there could be faults with them, but with the fourth one, doubt creeps in whether fault lies with them or me. In the fifth case, it could have been 60:40. But when more left, it is then confirmed that it was my fault. None of them had any fault. It is only my fault. Probably a kind of fear in their mind that I may not be able to give them happiness in life. I am sure they are all happy wherever they are."

Rajat Sharma: The whole world wants to know when you will marry.

Salman Khan: "Jab Ooper Walah chahega, Sir (When God Almighty wills so). Two individuals are needed for marriage. In the first case, marriage did not happen. When I said yes, somebody said, no. When somebody said yes, I said no. Now there is 'no' from both sides. When both sides say 'yes', the marriage will take place. There's still time. I am 57. I want this time it should the first and last. Matlab ek biwi honi chahiye.

Rajat Sharma: And how many children?

Salman Khan: As many as possible. Many. If I have one, and another after 5-6 years, I can play with them for 20-25 years. This is called dedication, consistency, persistence.

Rajat Sharma: Your parents have been waiting since long for a bahu in their home.

Salman: Sir, what can I say. There was no plan for a bahu, it was for kids. But the laws of India do not permit (adoption).


Asked whether he had problems with OTT content, Salman Khan said, "I have too many problems. I think there should be censorship on OTT content. In films, if we have two punches extra during action, we get 'A' certificate. On OTT, there's a different type of action going on. There is no A, B, C certificate at all.

Rajat Sharma: Restrictions on OTT, but not on Bigg Boss?

Salman Khan: In Bigg Boss, we already have many restrictions.

Rajat Sharma: You mean, restriction in the sense that you told Zubair Khan, Kasam Khuda Ki, my name is not Salman if I don't make you a dog?

Salman Khan: Yes, I said that. I remember. Because he was doing too much badtameezi in Bigg Boss.

Rajat Sharma: You told Paras Chhabra, I will set you right once you come outside.

Salman Khan: Yes, he too. Though Paras' mistake was not much. We hear other people's views too. Our creative heads tell me what happened inside the house. So tempers do rise and we get angry. When I see myself, I feel, I should not have reacted like this and I feel really bad. ..Inside Bigg Bose house, things happen quite a bit. We can't blame the participants, not on phone. There are 112 cameras working there. On top of it, given the tasks they get, they always lock their heads with each other, so it becomes a bit difficult for them, and they lose their temper.


Salman Khan recounted an anecdote at the sets of 'Karan Arjun', when he once fired a shot at Shahrukh Khan. He said, "during shooting, there are blank guns. I got a blank gun from action director Bhiku Verma. A party was going on and Rajasthani folk dancers were present. I told Shahrukh, I'll call you for dance, you refuse, and then we will engage in scuffle, and here's a blank gun. I will fire a shot at you and you will fall down. Shahrukh said he was not in a mood, he was tired. My brother Sohail was there. I pulled Shahrukh's hand, and he snatched away his hand. He pushed me, I also pushed him, a scuffle ensued, I took out the gun and fired a shot at him. Shahrukh did a somersault and fell down. Javed Saheb's wife Honey Aunty was there. She said, I know him since childhood, he's not that type of boy. One journalist Nishi Presm was there. She said, I always knew this boy to be like this. Time Video owner Pravinbhai Shah said, we will all be in a soup, let's rush out. For ten minutes, I stood with red eyes, and said, Koi Nahin uthega, Sabko Maar Doonga. Rakesh ji's hands started trembling. I said, 'Shahrukh Uth, Shahrukh Uth (Shahrukh wake up). When Shahrukh didn't wake up, Sohail, Bhiku Da panicked. I checked my gun. Suddenly Shahrukh started snoring. So, Pathan was at last aliuvew. I again fired 3-4 shots, and everybody started laughing.......I think Shahrukh is the best performer of the industry. There's no need to say this. This performance was much better than Arjun's performance. Everybody was convinced and many were trying to flee the set. It was a good experience. "

With the telecast of this show on Saturday night, India TV will be launched in UAE. Viewers in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi can watch this show on India TV via Etisalat and du (UAE telecom operator).

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