This is how Neena Gupta helped Masaba overcome her fears!

Masaba shares an important life lesson she learnt from mother Neena Gupta as she responds to ZEE's #MyFirstStoryteller film on Mother's Day

 On Mother’s Day, there are a few films that stood out on the back of sheer simplicity in their approach of landing the message in an evocative manner. One such film that speaks straight to the soul is the one made by ZEE. ZEE’s unique campaign beautifully captures the often-unacknowledged role of a mother as every child’s first storyteller. The film speaks of how mothers set their children off on a trail of discovering life by sparking their curiosity through the stories they narrate. It is, after all, our mother’s very first stories that lay the foundation of our core value system, shape us and in turn shape society!


In response to this film, popular fashion designer and actress Masaba Gupta shared an important life lesson she learnt from her first storyteller, her mother, actor Neena Gupta, and how this has built her core value system and stayed with her even today!

Her post reads: When i saw ZEE's Mother's Day film, I liked the idea of looking at our mothers as the first storytellers of our lives. When their team asked me to share a fond memory of #MyFirstStoryteller, my mother, my thoughts went back to how she would comfort me. As a child, I was afraid of the dark. I remember as a 4-year-old, I was scared to go to sleep. Every night, mum would hold me tight and recite the Gayatri Mantra with me and put me to sleep no matter how busy she was.  On one such night she explained the meaning of Gayatri Mantra and the power it holds. That is something that has stayed with me. To this date when I fear something or am taking up something new, I chant it, remember my mum and take the step forward. It is her support and her love that walks with me every day. It is a trick which always comes in handy! 

Today, whoever I am is because of the values I imbibed through her stories.

 Sharing this invaluable life lesson that she learnt from her mother Neena, Masaba joins ZEE in urging people to share stories narrated by their mothers that have stayed with them for life and be a part of this lovely campaign! Check out the campaign film

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