Winners of the Movin'On Challenge Design 2023: when creativity meets the challenges of sustainable mobility

 Movin’On, the world's leading ecosystem of strategic anticipation and co-innovation for sustainable mobility, unveils the four winners of the Movin'On Challenge Design, whose theme for the 2023 edition was "Balancing Sustainability: People, Profit, Planet.”

From 1, September 2022 to 1, March 2023, artists, designers, engineers, architects, urban planners and creative people from all over the world were invited to participate in this unique competition evaluated by a prestigious international jury. Since its creation, the Movin'On Challenge Design has received more than 14,000 entries from 37 countries.

“Design is a key element in the transformation of mobility. The Movin’On ecosystem is focused on developing solutions to mobility challenges that are safe, efficient, accessible and environmentally friendly. By designing solutions that enhance the end user experience, we can improve the lives of global citizens through mobility.”

Kimbrelly Kegler, Movin'On Challenge Design Chair


Winning project - LINK by Luis Munoz, Valencia (SPAIN).

What if the individual mobility of tomorrow was plural, not just singular?


Imagine an individual, spherical, 100% electric vehicle, capable of pairing up with its clones to tow one, two or three other identical "mobility cells" behind it. The result is LINK. A car-sharing solution accessible to all (wheelchairs included) and capable of transforming itself into public transport in a split second. The challenge? Because of its small size, LINK reduces the congestion of individual vehicles in city centers, as well as their energy consumption. The ambition? To offer urban mobility for all, creating links between people.



2nd Prize - BIO CORRIDORS by Shaurya Singh, Ahmedabad (INDIA).When resilient living areas reconnect us to city centers and nature.

Second place went to Shaurya Singh for his BIO CORRIDORS concept. This project proposes to restructure city centers and their living areas around the notion of "respect for living things". In concrete terms, this means more room for soft mobility (bicycles and pedestrians), but also for plants and animals. It's an ambitious project, which taps nature's finest assets and whose major challenge is to make our city centers more breathable, more harmonious and, above all, greener. Biodiversity and people living together in a preserved environment.



by David Stingl and Filip Sobol, Prague (CZECH REPUBLIC).

In the city, supplies now take the metro.


Third on the podium is a solution to relieve congestion on the roads and free cities from trucks and their pollution. The idea? Use the metro to develop a platform for the autonomous distribution of supplies in the city via an intelligent modular container.


3rd place tie - MOBILITY SERVICE NT / Heinrich Gade - Weimar – GERMANYTomorrow, not only will mobility be multimodal, it will also be autonomous.

And in the tie for third prize, a multi-modal transport cabin that promises to carry goods and people in all dimensions (air, land, sea). The challenge? To alleviate infrastructure problems in rural areas and offer autonomous mobility for goods and people, using a platform of intelligent services.

Members of the jury for the 2023 edition: Entries were submitted to a prestigious international jury, which included top designers working for some of the major players in the mobility sector:


·         Kimbrelly Kegler, Movin'On Challenge Design Chair

·         Craig Metros, Transportation design faculty, College for Creative Studies, and former Design Director, Ford Motor Company

·         Chris Chapman, Design consultant and former Director, Hyundai Design of North America

·         Ruki Neuhold-Ravikumar, Nerman Family President, Kansas City Art Institute

·         Dustin Hostetler, Design Catalyst LeadFord Motor Company

·         Louise Pelletier, Director of UQAM Design Center, Montreal

·         Stefan Perriard, Industrial and transportation designer, SAGA Space Architects and 2021 Movin’On Challenge Design second place winner

·         Freeman Thomas, CEO of Meyers Manx and former global advanced Design Director, Ford Motor Company

·         Damien Michelin, honorary juror

About Movin'On

Movin'On the world's leading ecosystem of strategic anticipation and co-innovation for sustainable mobility. Created and inspired by Michelin, it brings together more than 300 public, private, collective, and individual players: companies, cities, countries, academics, international organizations, and individuals from civil society. Movin'On provides concrete solutions and innovations, notably through its Think and Do Tank "Movin'On LAB" and its Communities of Interest. Every year, the Movin'On ecosystem organizes physical and digital events to move projects forward in a tangible way.


About the Movin'On Challenge Design

The Movin'On Challenge Design is widely recognized as one of the world's leading design competitions in mobility. Created in 2001, the Michelin Challenge Design became the Movin'On Challenge Design in 2020. It encourages and rewards creative design worldwide and has received over 16,000 entries from 134 countries since its inception. The Movin'On Challenge Design is now a central element of the annual World Summit on Sustainable Mobility, reinforcing the importance of design in transforming mobility.

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