Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’s Rajesh Singh, aka Geetanjali Mishra, explores Bhopal's enchanting lakeside charm!

Geetanjali Mishra's entry into &TV's Gharelu Comedy, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, as the new Rajesh Singh (Rajjo), has generated immense excitement among the audience. The actor delighted fans by visiting Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh's capital, from August 8th to 9th. During the trip, she connected with fans, explored historic sites, experienced boating on the upper lake, and indulged in delicious cuisine at Chowk Bazar. Sharing her excitement, Geetanajli Mishra essaying Rajesh Singh’s role, said, “Exploring Bhopal was an enchanting journey. Amidst familiar visits, the heartfelt connection with Happu Ki Ultan Paltan fans warmed my heart. Fondly addressed as Rajesh, well-wishes for my new show venture poured in from every corner, a wave of unwavering support that truly made my day. Many also inquired about Daroga Happu Singh Ji, and I jokingly responded, ‘He is busy with his police duties’ (laughs).” Speaking of rediscovering the city, Geetanjali added, “Bhopal's tranquil lakeside allure remains my haven. Indulging in Dal Bafla, Gulab Jamun, Mawa Baati, and treasured Bhopali Paan by the water's edge was pure delight. Each architectural marvel and historical aura embraced me anew, kindling an enduring fascination. At Chowk Bazaar, I enjoyed shopping, gathering silver gems, velvet purses, handcrafted treasures, and timeless heirlooms. Traditional Bhopali art and embroidered cushions adorned my finds, destined for cherished ones. Bhopal's tender hold on my heart was reaffirmed – a love that only deepens with every visit.”

On her role as the new Rajesh Singh in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Geetanjali Mishra shared, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to essay 'Rajesh,' one of India's most adored characters’ role. As a viewer, I have always loved watching the show for its captivating characters and entertaining storylines. The show never fails to entertain and always has something enjoyable and exciting for the audience. In my wildest dreams, I had never imagined essaying a character I enjoyed watching on television.  The exhilaration I feel is indescribable, and what's even more incredible is the opportunity to share the screen with seasoned and remarkable performers like Yogesh Tripathi (Daroga Happu Singh), Himani Shivpuri ji (Katori Amma), and the rest of the Paltans. I am deeply grateful to &TV and our producers, Sanjay, and Binaiferr Kohli Ji, for having faith in me and giving me this amazing opportunity.” Speaking in detail about Rajesh’s character, the actor said, "Playing an established role is never easy since the audience is deeply connected to both the actor and the character. However, I am fully prepared to embrace this responsibility with all my heart. I am confident in my ability to portray this role because I am a huge admirer of the character and have closely followed the show. I focus on getting the character’s nuisances and making it even more captivating while staying true to its appearance and mannerisms. I am a fan of Rajesh's onscreen presence and unique mannerisms. Rajesh is a vibrant and fearless woman with a strong personality. She fearlessly stands up for her beliefs and is never easily defeated by her husband, Happu, or mother-in-law, Katori Amma. Moreover, she adds a touch of Bollywood drama and entertainment to the household. I am glad the audience has embraced their new Dabbang Dulhaniya with open arms."

Watch out for your favourite character ‘Rajesh, aka, Rajjo’ to be essayed by Geetanjali Mishra in &TV's Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, airing at 10:00 pm every Monday to Friday!

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