Celebrating Culture and Nature: Cherry Blossom Festival Curtain Raiser 2023

The Department of Tourism, Government of Meghalaya is all set to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival Curtain Raiser, 2023 at New Delhi. The Curtain Raiser Event, scheduled to be held on October 23 marks the genesis of the illustrious Cherry Blossom Festival of Meghalaya, a celebration harmonizing the splendour of nature with the tapestry of cultural diversity.


This eagerly anticipated occasion will take place at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (JLN Stadium) in New Delhi. The attendees can look forward to a captivating showcase of talented artists. The line-up features KIM WOOJIN from Korea, RUM & MONKEYS and SYMPHONIC ILLUSIONS from Shillong, LARGER THAN 90 and RIJUNE from Jowai.


Highlights of the event:


  1. Curtain Raiser to the much-anticipated Cherry Blossom Festival
  2. Date- October 23rd, 2023; Venue- Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi
  3. Artist’s line-up: Kim Woojin from Korea, Rum & Monkeys and Symphonic Illusions From Shillong, Larger Than 90 and Rijune From Jowai


In the spirit of cultural appreciation and shared experiences, the Cherry Blossom Festival Curtain Raiser 2023 extends an invitation to members of the press fraternity and the audience at large. It promises to be an enriching experience that not only brings together people from various backgrounds but also pays tribute to Meghalaya's extraordinary natural beauty.


The Three-Day Cherry Blossom Festival is slated to be held from the 17th of November 2023 at the RBDSA Sports Complex, in Bhoirymbong, Meghalaya. The festival will feature global sensations such as Ne-Yo and Ronan Keating, alongside YouTube sensation Sanam and dynamic performers Jonas Blue and Pink Panda. Equally, the festival is a celebration of local talent, with artists like Meba Ofilia, Lou Majaw, Blue Temptation, and talented pool of performers from Shillong and the Northeast India, creating a unique blend of musical brilliance.


The festival attracts tourists across the globe who visit Meghalaya to experience the beautiful atmosphere replete with the Cherry Blossom, along with a wide variety of entertainment avenues including cosplay competition, Miss and Mr. Cherry Blossom Pageant, graffiti and Karaoke contest and many more.

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