Raveena Tandon, the OG queen, will be seen as the unapologetically rich and powerful Indrani Kothari in Disney+ Hotstar’s upcoming series ‘Karmma Calling’

Hotstar Specials’ Karmma Calling will give you a glimpse of the exclusive haven of the Billionaires Club of Alibaug. The series releases on January 26, 2024 exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar

Indrani Kothari, the reigning queen of the Alibaug society, is ready to welcome you to her unapologetically rich world of glitz and glamour, filled with deceit and betrayal. Portraying the powerful character of Indrani is the talented Raveena Tandon. Produced by R.A.T Films, adapted for India and directed by Ruchi Narain, the series is releasing on January 26, 2024 exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar. 

Gaurav Banerjee, Head - Content, Disney+ Hotstar & HSM Entertainment Network, Disney Star said, “Disney+ Hotstar has been at the forefront of bringing different stories and working with the visionaries from the entertainment industry. This year, Disney+ Hotstar celebrated a lot of compelling stories with The Night Manager, Taaza Khabar, Saas Bahu aur Flamingo, Aarya Season 3, The Trial and many more. The upcoming Hotstar Specials’ Karmma Calling narrates the story of Indrani Kothari's world, where her Karma will not let her rest. A world that shows the opulence and lives of the riches. The series marks Disney+ Hotstar’s first association with the versatile Raveena Tandon. It has been a great collaboration with the talented people at R.A.T films and Ruchi Narain.”

Talking about the association with Disney+ Hotstar, Ashutosh Shah, Producer, R.A.T Films said, "We are thrilled to present 'Karmma Calling', an enthralling story that provides a captivating glimpse into the world of the wealthy. It has been a truly incredible experience working alongside the talented cast and crew, and an absolute joy to work with Raveena Tandon. Their immense expertise and dedication have added tremendous value and elevated the production quality to new heights. Disney+ Hotstar has been a fabulous partner and helped us relay the best of our vision with this series. As the series reaches the audience, we eagerly await their feedback and hope that they thoroughly enjoy watching Raveena Tandon in this never-before-seen role."

Talking about the series, Director Ruchi Narain said, “Karmma Calling is set against the backdrop of the ultra rich and affluent Kothari family and all that conspires around them in their world. The series has massive grandeur, scale and a glamorous outlook with a story that weaves in revenge, deceit, betrayals and also navigates experiences of the Kothari family. The series is definitely going to be your ‘guilty pleasure’ watch and leave you craving for more. Collaborating with Raveena Tandon and Disney+ Hotstar has been an incredible experience.”

Talking about Indrani Kothari and the series, Raveena Tandon, said, “Indrani Kothari believes the world is her stage and I haven’t essayed such a character in a very long time. Karmma Calling is definitely more than what meets the eye and explores different facets of the world of the rich. Collaborating with Disney+ Hotstar was a great experience and playing Indrani helped me explore more for myself as an actor. It is a never-seen-before and never done before role and I am looking forward to audience reactions. Collaborating with R.A.T Films and Ruchi Narain has been exceptional.”

Karmma Calling is based on the U.S. original series Revenge, which aired from 2011-2015 and was produced by ABC Signature, a part of Disney Television Studios.

Hotstar Specials’ Karmma Calling will stream from January 26, 2024, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar!

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