Drone Destination announces mega pan India expansion with #EverythingDrones – increases presence across the full spectrum of Drone Ecosystem in India

  • Drone Destination is India’s leading Drone-as-a-Service and largest Drone Training Organization and is listed on NSE Emerge.
  • Key offerings under #EverthingDrones include several products and services across the value chain of the Drone ecosystem including Drones, Batteries & Components, Drone Services, Drone Education and Skilling, Drone Repair and Maintenance, and Drone Sports.


 Drone Destination, a leading name in the Drone Industry, today unveiled “#Everything Drones,” their strategic initiative of providing complete end-to-end solutions for the drone ecosystem.


The company plans to establish India’s largest network of fixed and mobile “Drone Hubs” which will offer "Everything Drones”. Over the next 3 months, the company aims to roll out 250 such hubs and also aims to establish a network of over 1000 such hubs in the next two years. This network will focus on cost effectiveness, efficiency, and turnaround time.


The company launched the following new initiatives under the umbrella of #EverythingDrones:


  1. Drone Hub on Wheels - offering integrated services like Drone Sales, Repairs & Maintenance, Drone Services, and Drone Training through "Drone Dost", "Drone Doctor" and "Drone Guru." (Dost/ Doctor/Guru are personas of the same Engineer/ Pilot wearing three different hats)
  2. Drone Shiksha- An initiative to introduce Drones as a new STEM learning in schools starting from the elementary level itself. The students will be trained to build, code and fly Drones.
  3. Drone Kaushal - For students who intend to make a career in Drones post-schooling, Drone Destination offers several skilling programs including a certified Drone Pilot program.
  4. A strategic partnership with Hubblefly Batteries Private Limited
     showcased “New Drone Batteries” which will be used by Drone Destination for all its Drone activities. 
  5. Drone Soccer - in association with the Drone Soccer Association of India, Drone Soccer is a new exciting sport that can be played by children to senior citizens, fit or differently abled. Drone Soccer Association of India (DSAI) is a founding member of FIDA (Federation of Internation Drone Soccer Association). The first Drone Soccer World Cup Championship is scheduled to be held in Korea in 2025 and DSAI in association with Drone Destination will send an Indian Representative Team for the same.


Launching these initiatives - Mr. Alok Sharma, Chairman of Drone Destinationsaid, "Drones being a nascent industry has some critical gaps, which we, as pioneers aim to plug with the offerings being launched today. A pan India rollout of ‘Drone Hub on Wheels’ will offer “#EverythingDrones” with a focus on “turnaround time” - from Drones / Drone Services to after-sales and training. Each pilot is trained on multiple skills like ‘Drone Dost’ providing drone services like agri-spray, ‘Drone Doctor ’ for fixing out-of-action drones, and ‘Drone Guru’ for training local youth on drones. The offerings launched today will provide indigenous solutions for the drone industry in the country, in line with the Hon’ble PM’s call for ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and shall further boost India’s technological leadership in the world.”


Commenting on the success of the company, in a short span, Mr. Chirag Sharma, MD of Drone Destination, said "Drone Destination, has set an example in the start-up ecosystem by being prudent to all its stakeholders and following financial discipline, ensuring profitability ahead of the curve. Going forward with #EverythingDrones, we are confident of supercharging the company’s growth and creating an impact that shall be visible across multiple industries from - agriculture, survey and mapping, smart cities, infrastructure like rail, road, port, telecom, power, utilities, BFSI to logistics and delivery and much more. Also, by combining new-age technology like AI with drone technology, we see ourselves delivering substantial ESG outcomes for businesses. #EverythingDrones, is poised to redefine the industry landscape and set new standards for excellence and innovation.”



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About Drone Destination:

Drone Destination leads India's Drone industry, providing comprehensive services from certified drone pilot training to state-of-the-art Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions. Headquartered in New Delhi, Drone Destination pioneers commercial drone operations and training across diverse sectors like agriculture and infrastructure. Notably, as the first listed Drone Company on the NSE Emerge platform, Drone Destination holds a prestigious position in the industry. The training programs set the standard, equipping aspiring pilots with safety and efficiency skills, covering regulatory compliance to advanced maneuvers.


Simultaneously, Drone Destination focuses on DaaS, delivering tailor-made solutions for agriculture spray, aerial surveying, and asset inspection services. Committed to innovation, Drone Destination empowers individuals and industries through training and DaaS offerings, shaping the future of drone technology


For more information about Drone Destination and its comprehensive range of drone solutions, please visit https://www.thedronedestination.com/

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