Jackky Bhagnani talks about helming the future of animation and storytelling in India at the Mumbai International Film Festival

A scion of a renowned Bollywood family, Jackky Bhagnani has spent decades immersed in the ever-evolving entertainment industry. While leading Pooja Entertainment, the production house behind some record-breaking blockbusters, Jackky has witnessed the evolution of content creation firsthand. Recognising the shift in audience preferences and a recent string on why commercial films aren't being accepted any longer, Bhagnani has demonstrated a keen understanding of the shifting entertainment landscape. His enterprising spirit led him to not only establish Jjust Music four years ago, bridging the gap in music content with over 100 successful singles, but also to launch Just Kids, a content platform for kids. These baby steps into the animation space for children allows Jackky to explore storytelling through the powerful medium of music, catering to a whole new generation of entertainment enthusiasts.

He said, "Just Kids is primarily for the age of 0-6, I started a music label 4 years back and was very infatuated with the animation skills, but I did not have the experience on this front so I thought the most low hanging fruit for me is doing animated content and marrying that with music in phase 1. Also, I realised that today parents are quite worried about what are the kids watching, so I thought Just Kids could be that one-stop shop as an infotainment or edutainment where they are learning something new through animated content paired with music. That way it enters your subconscious mind, the most famous example we all know in terms of audio is Baby Shark."

He further added, "We have already put out 14 assets and plan to put out around 200 assets in the next 2 years. Being in the filmmaking business for 3 decades making one of the largest films, we are still struggling as to what to do in the live-action space. That is also something we plan to look into."

While Jackky Bhagnani is expanding his creative vision to all ends of the horizon, he aims to have Indians creating animation for content done in India.

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