Big Cuisine Restoration Recipes By-Vishwajit Jadhav

We are talking about word ‘big cuisine’ which is synonym of Indian cuisine because of its influence, combination and, different regions also derived their cuisines from it.

Derivation of regional cuisine from Indian cuisine can be noticed by the food habits of people in India. In India we have 28 states and all states having their own style of cooking and eating habits. We also have different community with their own cuisine. In Indian cuisine, adaptations and creations are major source of cuisine. Let me take you on small and brief journey of our Indian cuisine

Aryans are the first who educate people with the help of Ayurveda Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge. At that time with the help of Ayurveda we came to know the taste sweet, salty, pungent, bitter, sour, astringent. After Aryans the journey of influences starts by Greek, Mughals, Mongolian and Chinese, Portuguese to British.

Journey of influences make a perfect blend of our cuisine. There is old phrase in Hindi “jab tak mixture of spices nahi hota tab tak swaad behtar  nahi  ata” and that makes Indian cuisine more pure and perfect. In Indian tradition food plays very important role and because of that in our culture first food is served to god and same with our hospitality industry guest is god.

Indian cuisine has one loop or draw back; we don’t have any record of our standardized recipes. Because India believes in guru shisha parampara every generation reduced something and add something to recipe and put their own stamp. Many times people talks about authenticity of dish but the truth is, we just have an idea about the dish. And we are still upgrading our cuisine, so that you all think we all are missing our cuisine or not?

When we talks about our authentic food or culture the first thing come in mind is wood fire. It is part of our cuisine but I believe it’s not a way to explore our Indian cuisine. The knowledge on vegetarian food was given by Ayurveda,  the Thali concept was also given by our Ayurveda but in India 71%  people are non-vegetarian and just 28.85%are vegetarian, then what you all think it’s a failure of our originator which is Ayurveda.
If we really wants to explore or wants to know our roots it’s a golden time to think upon and let everyone know why we are unique lets connect with us on this amazing big cuisine restoration with one simple but we can say as some lost recipes.

Turmeric Leaf Butter Milk

·       1 cup buttermilk
·       1turmeric leaf
·       1 green chili
·       1 inch piece of ginger
·       1 spring curry leaves
·       Unrefined salt
·       Water
1.    Take a grinder add cup of buttermilk, turmeric leaf, Green chili, ginger, curry leaves, Salt and water
2.    Blend it well and served on traditional mugs 

·       2 cup of green gram sprouts
·       2 cups of black gram sprouts
·       1 small piece of cucumber
·       2 tbsp virgin coconut oil
·       2tsp lemon juice
·       2tbsp honey
·       1 spring curry leaves
·       A pinch of black pepper powder
·       Salt
·       Take a bowl add coconut oil, honey, lemon juice, and black pepper powder and with the help of spoon Wisk it well till it get thick consistency. Add both black and green sprouts and mix it well and finish with salt and done

If we want to know our roots or keep our roots safe it’s a perfect time to revive traditional Indian cuisine the road leads us towards truth about our cuisine which is not short one nor it is an easy one. But we can negotiate if we walk together. Let’s come together and revive our cuisine.

 Author Biography - VISHWAJIT JADHAV 

I Am Vishwajit Jadhav Author Of Vishwaah Creations  I Was Born In Dhule Maharashtra. My Kitchen And Pen Are My Art Studio. From Childhood Instead Of Playing With Clours, I Play With Ingredients Starting From That Time Cooking Makes My Hobbies. The Journey From Hobbie To Passion It Becomes Easy Because Of Truth & Secrets Behind The Food&Truth Behind The Cuisines. From A Young Age, I Enjoyed Helping My Mother In Kitchen & I Learn How To Use Spices And Herbs, and the art of dish reading which means flavors, texture, Techniques in Ihm Ahmedabad.
 I Belive For The Perfect Chef or Perfect Author Discipline Is Very Important And That Discipline Teaches Me In NCC. The Journey Of Cooking Turn Up Another Look Where I Can See The Happiness And Joy When Someone Taste My Food And Its Portray Me If My Passion  Help To Get  Smile On Someone Face It Makes Me  Happy Because We All Know We Live To Eat
Nothing Gives Me Grater Joy Than Sharing The Truth Or Knowledge About Food With Anyone Who Wants To Learns And Who Are Excited To Know There Roots

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