Kangana Ranaut The Fearless Queen of Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut  known by the queen of bollywood is becoming a rebellious these days as the breaking news which disturbed all of us which is suicide of Highly talented actor Suhant singh rajput.

in this post we gonna talk about Kangana Ranaut that how being an outsider she did something exceptional and that's the reason she called as Queen. and also to carry out this image further she done a film called "Manikarnika - The Queen of Jhansi". Lets look at her life timeline and understand how she is so well deserved to be called as a queen

Kangana has fearlessly taken on Patriarchy and nepotism and took it to the another level. once in a interview she said," i didn't see myself as liability .i didn't see myself as a someone whos purpose of life is just to find a good enough husband who can take care of her." but before she become A-Lister she was just a small town girl she was born on 23 March 1987 in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.
Remembering her childhood Kangana Said "I wasn't child that Indian parents would like to have, i was quite rebellious" she grew up in conservative family where male members got preferential treatment."I like the fact that my Father had a lot of expectation from my brother and i probably wanted to be that person who he can be proud of and who could be her own hero.

She Originally Studied Medicine,but when she failed in a exam she decided to move out from hometown and came to Delhi all alone. her family did not supported her decision, she said "My parents gave an easy option if you gonna go your own way so there's highway and you can probably expect no funds and no support." in Delhi she joined theater group and then her modeling agency sent her a proposal for a catalogue shoot and send her to Mumbai.

In Mumbai she auditioned for Anurag basu's film Gangster and she only bagged the role six months later but by then she had moved to Mumbai completely for good and was sleeping on the floor of women's hostel. she was 19 year old when gangster released and she became a major hit. but next few years were really tough she was ridiculed for her sloppy English and got rejected by many directors and producers.she said," When i started my career trying to get an audition opportunity they dismissed me like i'm a nobody. when i came to mumbai they saw me as a village women who has a weird accent and weirder appearance"
Kangana Ranaut with Anurag Basu at Gangster Film Sucessparty in Mumbai

At 21 Year Old she applauded for her drug addict role in Madhur Bhandarkar's film Fashion. She won Prestigious National Award for realistic portrayal of role. having played a series of neurotic character she decided to experiment with her role with comedies. after a couple of box office failure "Tanu Weds Manu" become hit in 2011. as her popularity touched the sky so did the brand value but she refused to let all this success alter her core belief.

When she was 26, She turned down the 2cr offer to promote fairness cream. when she turned 27 her carrer had a major breakthrough with the film Queen directed by Vikas bahl. the movie made over 100 cr at box office. a rare film even without any big star cast and female led role the film did so well. on Queen's success she said,"being a independent girl i always put my work on priority because you know i dont give in to all that philosophical talks that talks money and spirituality all i want is to give my parents a secured future where i stay comfortably with them and i with this success i could actually support the causes which i believed in and its all because of my work and thing i could earn in my life and things that make me happy."

But at 29 years old, she was embroiled in controversy. she and Hrithik Roshan traded accusation and send legal notice to each other over a disputed romance. when she was 30, she again stirred controversy during her appearance in Karan Johar's talk show on Koffee with Karan by calling the well known producer "The Flag-bearer of Nepotism" she ridiculed by many actors over this statement.while many other defended her for attacking a taboo topic in bollywood, she continued to openly talk about issues that affect the industry and the society.
At 32 years of age she became the highest paid Indian actress her film "manikarnika - The Queen of Jhansi" one again crossed the 100 cr mark. she will be reportedly offered 24cr for lead role in the biography of Tamil Nadu's Chief Minister  J.Jayalalithaa  which is highest amongs the Indian actresses and today after the suicide of highly talented actor Sushant Sing Rajput she again stand up and raised the issue of nepotism in Bollywood and bluntly taking all over the social media and standing by the talented outsiders of the bollywood industry. Ladies and gentlemen this is Kangana Ranaut.


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