Chaman Bahaar Movie Review | 4 Stars Don’t Miss this Meetha Paan

Cast: Jitendra Kumar, Ritika Badiani
Director: Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann
Duration: 111mins
Platform: Netflix
Producer: Yoodlee Films
Rating: 4 Stars

Story: Indian small town has its own swag and you will get to see a lot of swag in Jitendra Kuma and Ritika Badiani’s Chaman Bahar. Set in a small town of Raipur, North India. Chaman Bahar is a story of young man Billu (Jitendra Kumar) who is highly ambitious and goes against his father and refuses government job and starts a Paan Shop. His wealth pickups the pace when a new family with Teenage daughter Rinku (Ritika Badiani) moves in across the road from him. Billu’s shop become the Native hangout spot for all the young men just to see the glimpse of the rinku.

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Acting: Acting job is done perfectly by all the characters, Specially Jitendra Kumar. You will fall in love with his ordinariness he will make you laugh by just his standing style. A typical north Indian guy who leaves no scope of error. His toxic Masculinity and with fine acting skills proves that he is the guy to watch out for. On the other end Ritika who plays the object of everyone’s affection will make you smile with her cuteness and simplicity. She doesn’t have any dialogue in the film but her Gestures and expression fills up the screen with bliss and it’s a treat to see her cuteness.


Music: Along with fine acting skills the music is also at par with creative lyrics constructing. All the song is highly creative and uplift your mood. Mangesh Dhakde and Anshuman Mukherjee did amazing work on music. They wrote a song using all ingredients of Paan which is something we get to see rarely. You will enjoy the melody as it’s a perfect blend of Indian Pop and traditional Music. Even the background score is at par which set the class.

: This is first film of Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann but it doesn’t look like his first. He has decade long experience in assisting veteran director like Prakash Jha in Rajneeti. Direction goes well with the storyline and amazing acting of Jitendra kumar. There are many scenes which make you fall in love with north India’s village. Some of the scenes will sleep deep in to the heart.only the slow pace of the film will slightly bother you but acting skills will cover up here.

 Final Verdict :
Chaman Bahar is one sided love story of small town of north India and it has everything that makes you feel good just like a meetha paan once have it, slowly gives you the amazing taste and sweeten up your mood. Don’t Miss to have this Meetha Paan just have it as it is. 3 stars,plus one for Jitendra’s acting and Creative music. Enjoy this movie and stay worry-free in this COVID World.
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