Why Boycott Netflix is trending on Twitter

On Monday late morning micro blogging site twitter’s hashtag #BoycottNetflix stated trending because of recent release of south Indian film “Krishna and his Leela” netizens has accused the Netflix for releasing film which hurts religious sentiments.

 Film is around a modern take on relationship. The main lead named as Krishna who has sexual encounters with many women and one of them is named as “Radha” this is the escalation point. Netizens couldn’t digest the intimate scenes between protagonist of the film just because of their character name is associated with Hindu immortals.

Many of the netizens blamed Netflix and said “why always hurt hindu sentiments why not Muslims”. Taking on extreme level tweeted why always Krishna and radha and why not Muhammad & Aisha. This Is not the first time that Netflix has insulted hindu sentiment. It started with Scared games in which they have wrongly portrayed the Brahmin community followed by Leila in which they target Aryavartas and in bulbbul misinterpretation of loard Krishna.

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Set in Bangalore and some district of Visakhapatnam “Krishna and his leela is Romantic comedy film Produce by Bahubali fame Rana Daggubati. This film supposed to get release in May in the theaters across the South India but due to Lockdown the makers has switched to OTT release.

Soon after the trending of #BoycottNetflix many of the netizens came up with epic memes that you can’t hold your laugh.They took full advantage of this conflict and made hilarious memes taking on the lighter note.

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