Five Stocks got doubled in a single month.

From June onwards market took good pace as RIL got many investor to infused money in indian telecom startup along with Unlock 1.0 government gave some hope to regain the position in the share market. after closely monitoring the market from last 30 days we bring you six stocks which got doubled in the just a month of time.

In BSE500 index there were total 470 stocks gave positive returns in last 1 month, out of those 5 got doubled the value of the investor. Here is the all 5 picks for you.

1: Future Consumer: this stock was trading at 8.55 on 28th May and now at 26th June it reached to 18.35 gave 114.62% returns in just 30days.this company wasn’t profitable in last twelve month but as per the brokerage firms with Unlock 1.0 this stock stepped upwards and will maintain this height for attest 3 weeks unless.

2: Magma Fincorp: Magma Gained 127% in one month and gave handsome return to the was priced 13.15 on 28th may and today its 29.85. if you have invested one lakh rupee then within a month your total earning would be two lakh and twenty seven thousand. More than double.


3: Reliance power: After reaching 52 Week low in March this stock got recovered very well and gave 110.81% Returns in 4 weeks. This is quite affordable stock those who brought in quantity today they can enjoy hassle free lockdown. Reliance power trading at 3.90 today on June 27th 2020.


4: Reliance Infra:
Another Ambani Company gave double return in 4 weeks. RIL Infra was trading at 16.50 on 28th May and today ended day with 35.15. Gave 113.03% Returns to the investor. This is own by Anil Ambani and he is also aiming to make this company debt free just like his elder bother Mukesh ambani did to reliance Jio deb free in this month only.


5: IDBI Bank:
Banking sector has going from a tough time since lockdown but Bank like IDBI has given almost double return in last 30 days. This banking stock was trading at 20.10 and it reached 40 today’s end. Gave 99% returns

 Apart from these five there are many other stock who gained more than 85% which includes India bulls Housing, Future Retail, Dish TV, Lakshmi Vilas Bank and Vodafone Idea. However the IIFL securities recommended investor to buy high quality stock from pharma, chemical and consumer staple industry as this stocks will remain unaffected in the period of high volatility amidst the lockdown and effect of COVID-19.

Do comment if you own any of these stocks and performed in your favor.also share your valuable feedback on this post by commenting below or writing us at


  1. i brought RIL Power but sold at 5 ruppee made decent profit but not double. i wish i could have holded for a month.

  2. I still have Future consumer and IDBI. should i hold or sell it?


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