Netflix’s Bulbbul is not a Horror film | Bulbbul Review 2 ½ stars

Netflix recently Released Bulbbul is a cult period film.  This film is story of a Bengali family and their haunted haveli that faces critical events and how family gets destroyed at the end. the makers positioned as a Horror drama film but there is very less ocation which haunts you. This film could have been better but its ok as this is a first film of director.

Cast: Rahul Bose, Tripti Dimri, Avinash Tiwary,Paoli Dam,
Parambrata Chatterjee
Director : Anvita Dutt
Duration : 94mins
Platform: Netflix
Producer: Anushka Sharma, Karnessh Sharma
Rating : 2 ½ Stars

Warning – This review may content spoilers!

Set in the Bengal presidency during the 18th Century bulbul is a soft Horror film. Story revolves around lead Rahul Bose, Avinash Tiwary and Tripti dimri. Rahul plays double role in this film one is very strong and smart head of the wealthy Thakur family and another is dump brother who’s having an adverse intentions towards newlywed bride. Director Anvita has shown the rituals of Child marriage and widowed wife beautifully.

Acting: This is 2nd Film of new comer Tripti dimri and Avinash Tiwary after imtiaz ali’s Laila Majnu(Flop at the box office). Both guys acting is average and nothing to impresses us accepts couple of night scenes of Tripti. On the other end Rahul Bose and Paoli dam along with Parambrata Chatterjee shows their class of acting and did full justice to their characters.

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Excellent cinematography where the days are white and nights are Red and pink thriving fashioned cinematography. Some night scenes will amaze you but won’t scare you. Visual treatment is very good of course its Anushka sharma’s production house so there is very less room for errors.

Direction: Overall direction is good and some of the scenes has wacky camera angle that you wonder how they shot. This is first film of Anvita Dutt as a director and she did her job very well. Direction goes well with artistic theme of the film and at some points direction saves the Poor acting of cast.

Costume: High standard costume. Beautifully Crafted and carried gracefully by actors both male and female actors. Costume showing the era of British rule and represents the vintage India with Bengali tradition. Along with outfits the Jewelry is also making a difference. Stylish yet traditional you will fall in love with the jewelry specially worn by both female lead Paoli and Tripti.

Final Verdict : if you think this is a horror film and you will get scared than you are absolutely wrong there is no single scene which can make you scare unless and until you are below 16 years of age. Last 15mins is interesting as it picks up the pace and reveals the secret.This is a perfect festival film. Good visual treatment with excellent cinematography but slow storyline with average acting skills fails to impress. This is not a onetime watch film it’s ok if you miss this and spend your 94 mins attending some webinar or learning new skills through online courses in this lockdown. Giving two and half stars.

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  1. yes agreed with you it has excellent cinematography and red nights are amazing

  2. Nice pictures

  3. I like child actor of bulbbul she is so cute


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