All about Agrima Joshua and Shubham Mishra Controversy

It’s started when stand up comedian Agrima Joshua posted a video in which she jokes about the Statue of Shivaji maharaj which is still under construction in Mumbai sea line.she made a hilarious joke to entertain audience but some people took it in a wrong manner and expressed their grave offence on social media With this Shubham Mishara also jump in, got offended and posted a response video in which he threatens to Rape Agrima, abusing Agrima with brutalizing  graphical description on how he going to rape her. Spoken rudely, his language is highly violent and took the ugly root which shows his character and upbringing.

 Agrima has Already Apologized and shared another video in which she stated that she is extremely sorry her intention was not to hurt anyone’s sentiments and just to entertain people. Many influencers and creators including actress Swara Bhaskar showed their support to Agrima and started the hastag Arrestshubhammishra and requested to Mumbai police to prosecute Shubham Mishra under applicable section of IPC.
In india we are more offended by a joke mentioning a long deceased king than we are about living women receiving rape threats on Public platforms. Also the place where Agrima performed and shot the video, The Habitat was also vandalized and highly damaged the property.  Agrima has make an apology to political leaders of NCP, Shivsena, Manse and Congress including CM Uddhav Thackeray. She said she wanted to apologize personally but she is residing in Red Containment zone hereafter she can’t step out she has deleted the video request and requested to accept her apology and move forward in life.

Both the deleted video in below Swara 
Bhaskar's Instagram post.

Swara Bhaskar in her series of tweets and Instagram stories requested Maharashtra government and mumbai police to hold this potential rapist accountable. Swara also requested her followers to mass report Shubham Mishara’s All Social media account. Shubham is currently Resident of Surat, City of Gujarat state. Shubham claimed that all this is misinterpreted his intention was not to rape anyone and all this people is unnecessarily accusing him hence he had deleted his video and he will come back live soon with all the explanations.

Social Media has eased our life and gave better option of communication but some people take advantage and misuse it. The truth of this digital world is that more and more people misusing the social media and bully individuals which leads to ugly and unpleasant fight. The Citizen has to be on mature side and understand the consequences before taking any bold move on social media. Many of the celebrities deleted their Twitter account just to stay away from all this non-sense which can lead to mental trauma.

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