‘Kadakh’ Review - 4 Stars | Don’t Miss this Diwali Party

We all more often talk about Netflix and prime shows or films but rarely talk about Sony Liv’s Films or shows. Kadakh is a Hidden Gem of Sony Liv. The content they have invested in is a highly competitive with Netflix and prime. Majority scenes shot in indoor and still the film became 95min long. This film was supposed to premiere at Mumbai film festival in 2018 but due to “Me too” Movement at that time film dropped from the festival as director Rajat Kapoor was accused for the same.

Director: Rajat Kapoor
Cast: Ranvir Shorey, Mansi Multani, Palomi Ghosh, Kalki Koechlin,
Duration: 95mins
Platform: Sony Liv (Premium)
­Rating: 4 Stars

Story: Kadakh is a modern life Dark Comedy – Drama film in which Ranvir shorey plays a character called Sunil who Is having extra marital affair with Chhaya his office collogue played by Palomi Ghosh and her husband Raghav (Chandrachoor Rai) drops by right before the Diwali party at Sunil’s home and confronts the affair which puts sunil in a uncomfortable situation. After the heated argument Raghav kills himself with pistol. All guest starts arriving for Diwali party while the dead body still exist in the house from there the story sees many twist and turns which is treat to watch.

Acting: This film has bunch of actors and all had done great job in acting. The casting is so prominent that all the actors perfectly fits in their characters. Be it like Shruti Seth or Tara Sharma and Rajat Kapoor the director himself did great job in acting division. Ranvir Shorey and Mansi Multani impresses throughout the film with their fine acting skills along with Kalki Koechlin is treat to watch on the screen. Cyrus Sahukar who also has written additional dialogues is worth to watch him playing a character which is exactly opposite to him in real life.

 Direction: This is Rajat Kapoor’s seventh film leaves no scope of error in direction. Along with writing the direction is commendable. Film holds you from the beginning in spite of having major scenes indoor. Multitasker Rajat Kapoor proves that he can create high quality content individually without having a big star cast. He is also acted in this film and he never allow his audience to settle down. It’s a high time to praise such directors whose work speaks for themselves.

Final Verdict:
With portrayal of Modern life crisis and gripping story line from the beginning just like a roller coaster ride. fine acting abilities of all the actors keeps you guessing the conclusion. Kadakh is Big Diwali party that you must attend. If you are not invited then gate crash it’s worth it. 4 stars best Dark comedy thriller drama film of the 2020.


  1. Ranvir is amazing actor he has given so many great films.July 4, 2020 at 11:50 PM

    Ranvir is amazing he has given so many great films

  2. Rajat Kapoor is a offbeat director his aankhon dekhi film was also good


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