Highest Paid CEO’s of Indian FMCG companies, Guess who’s on Top

·         HUL’s Sanjeev Mehta tops the list with gross salary of 194.2 Million (19.42 crore Indian Rupee) in Financial year 2019-2020

·         Saugata Gupta CEO of Marico got highest pay hike in Financial year 2019-2020

India, often considered as poor country or country with highest poverty rate but if you look at the other side on the big corporate front are getting crores of Indian rupee as a remuneration let’s look at the list of Top Companies CEO and how much they get as pay cheque.

1)  Sanjiv Mehta – Company – Hindustan Unilever Limited

Appointed as CEO and MD in October 2013 and promoted as chairman and MD in June 2018 Sanjiv Mehta is india’s Highest paid CEO of FMCG companies of india. His total gross pay 19.42 crore Indian Rupee out of which 12.46 crore is net take home salary, bonus worth of 3.31 crore and stocks option of 3.20 crore and 45 lakhs contribution to public provident fund. As per the annual report of HUL Sanjiv Mehta’s salary is 151.22 times higher than the average ratio of other HUL employees. HUL sells day to day usage products under various brands such as Lifebuoy,Lux,Surf Excel,Rin,Wheel, among others. Saugata is also part of board member’s team of Ashok Leyland and Marico Bangladesh.

2)  Saugata Gupta - Company – Marico Limited
Double IIM Graduate Saugata Gupta is CEO and managing director of India’s foremost Consumer Staples and Packaged Food Company “Marico”. His total Annual Gross Salary is 13.78 crore Indian Rupee which went up 49.5 percent as compared to last financial year. As an annual appraisal Saugata got good volume of shares of Marico.in 2017 he was on the number one spot of Highest Paid FMCG CEO and now he is highest appraised FMCG CEO of Financial year 2019-2020. Marico’s product portfolio includes many of our favorite brands such as Parachute hair oil, Saffola Edible Oil, Set Wet, Livon,Saffola Masala Oats and many other.

3)  Sanjiv Puri - Company – ITC Limited

Graduated from IIT Kharagpur Sanjiv Puri is Chairman and Managing Director of ITC’ diversified business of Consumer staples, Cigarettes and luxury hotels along with Packaged Foods & Confectionery. The Annual Gross Salary of Sanjiv stated at 7.83 crore in financial year 2019-2020 which is a mix of Stocks and other standard variables. Sanjive got 27.21 percent appraisal this year out of which 7 percent is shares of ITC.

Apart from these top 3 there is Varun Berry of Britannia positioned at 4th spot with annual gross salary of 7.58 crore and Dabur’s Mohit Malhotra is on 5th spot with salary of Rs 6.61 crore in Financial year 2019-2020

Due to Corona virus pandemic many of these FMCG companies saw drop in the revenue and many saw rise in the revenue as all these company sells essential food items and after restart of their manufacturing hubs sold good volume of products.

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