Top Ten Countries with Most billionaires, Guess Which Country Tops The List.


Everyone dreams to be a billionaire but very few sustain on top, we have seen rise and fall on many billionaire which includes Anil Ambani,Vijay Malya,Bernie Madoff, Allen Stanford,Adolf Merckle to the name of few. Today we are exploring the countries with most of the billionaires. Any guess who’s on top? India is on 4th for your quick reference.

10) : France : with Its 6.7 crore population out of which total 39 billionaires in the country, France is on the 10th Spot. Total net worth of these billionaires is $304 billion. Richest person of France is the founder of our favorite luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Mr. Bernard Arnault and family with net worth of ‎US$110.9 billion.2nd richest person is Author Françoise Bettencourt and her family owns the personal care company L'Oréal with ‎US$66.30 billion.

9) : Canada : there are total 44 billionaires with total net worth of $143 billion in Canada and David Thomson and family is the richest in Canada with net worth of $39 billion. David Thomson is 3rd generation entrepreneur and owns top media group Thomson Corporation which runs Thomson Reuters. Number one Media Company in US and Canada. The 2nd Richest is Joseph Tsai who is co-founder and Executive Vice Chairman of Alibaba with net worth of ‎US$12.60 billion.

8) United Kingdom: Great Britain falls on 8th Spot in this list with 45 billionaires and total net worth $153 billion. James Ratcliffe who owns many chemical power companies is the richest person in UK with networth of $13.9 billion and Len Blavatnik is UK’s 2nd richest person with netowoth of US$26.3 billion. He is avid investor and runs multiple business he made his fortune through diversified investment in many companies across the globe.

7) Brazil : largest country in both South America and Latin America Brazil has total 45 official billionaires and 58 unofficial ones. The combine net worth of these billionaires stands at $175 billion. Joseph Safra is the richest man from brazil with networth of US$24.7 billion and Jorge Paulo Lemann is the 2nd richest both are in to investment banking business and made this good fortune.

6) Hong Kong: special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, Hong kong in on 6th position with total 66 billionaires and combined net worth of US$300 billion. Li Ka-shing is richest person in Hong Kong with net worth of US$29.4 billion and Real estate tycoon Shau Kee Lee is the 2nd richest person having net worth of US$27.8 billion.

5) Russia : with 99 billionaires, Russia secured 5th spot. Combined net worth $385 billion. Vladimir Potanin is the richest person in entire Russia as per Forbes list with US$23.90 billion net worth. However if you look at unofficially the Russian president ‎ Vladimir Putin is the richest person with net worth of $70 Billion. Forbes and Bloomberg doesn’t consider political leaders in to the list of billionaires

4) India: second-most populous country in the world is on 4th spot with 102 billionaires. Total combined networth of these billionaires is US$313 billion. Chairman and MD of Reliance industries Mukesh Ambani is the richest person in india and asia with networth of US$66.1 billion. He made this much wealth from his multiple business with major income from its petro chemical business and now shifting focus to digital business with Jio Platforms. The company’s valuation reached to 14lakh crore recently. With US$13.8 billion net worth the founder of D-Mart Radhakishan Damani is the 2nd richest person in india.

3) Germany: Slight ahead of india Germany has total 107 billionaires with combined net worth of US $447 billion. Beate Heister is the richest person in Germany is the daughter of Karl Albrecht who founded discount supermarket chain Aldi. Just like a D-mart in India. She is having total net worth of US$26.6 billion.her close competitor Dieter Schwarz is the 2nd richest person in Germany having similar business of supermarket chain Lidl and owner of Schwarz-Gruppe with net worth of US$22.6 billion.

2) China : People's Republic of China is number one populous country has total 389 billionaires and combine net worth of these billionaires stands at $1.2 trillion Ma Huateng also known as Pony Ma is richest person in china. He is a founder of Internet Company Tencent and has total net worth of US$40.5 billion. Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba group is the 2nd richest In china with US$37.2 billion net worth.

1) United states: having 614 billionaires is on top with combined net worth of $2.9 trillion which is equal to entire Brazil’s economy.Founder of amazon Jeff Bezos is the richest person in US and entire world having net worth of US$145 billion. Founder of Microsoft Bill Gates is the 2nd richest in the world and America with net worth of US$106 billion. Highly successful investor Warren Buffett is 3rd richest in America with US$80.8 billion networth.

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