Will Jio Coin Disrupt the World’s Cryptocurrency market | All About Jio Coin

  •  Akash Ambani aims to enter into Risky Crypto market in India with the launch of Reliance Jio Coin.

  • Jio Coin is at discussion level at present by Reliance management and Akash Ambani.


 Did you know all the new business ideas and discussion took place during late night at Mukesh Ambani’s Mumbai’s house  Antilla and there is only Close ones among the family members are present during the discussions. One of the discussions initiated long back when Jio was just launched in India and that was on entering into world’s Cryptocurrency market. Discussion took place between Eldest son of Ambani Family, Akash Ambani and Mukesh Ambani and since then key management people of RIL is started digging out information about Cryptocurrency market and came up with idea to launch their very own Jio Coin.

In India, Cryptocurrency is completely banned by government. Government thinks through cryptocurrency audience will involve in illegal activities and use it against the government law along with the risk of rising corruptions in India. Law maker also feels there will be rise in the cases of Cyber crime and crypto fraud. Despite of maintaining transparent ledger for Cryptocurrency’s digital platform which is accessible the all, Indian government fails to see potential in the digital cryptocurrency and banned from India.

According to insider’s report Mukesh Ambani and his son Akash Ambani showed interest in creating their own cryptocurrency called Jio Coin but there is no official confirmation from Reliance management. Jio’s team of 50 IT technicians and Developers are currently working on Jio Coin which will be based on Block-chain technology that promises transparency and robustness in every transaction done through Jio coin. Team will be assuring the corruption free system along with embedded protection technology making Jio coin more reliable source of crypto currency. Jio coin will be traded through my Jio App.  

Mukesh Ambani is known for his Unique approach of doing businesses, that’s the reasons today he is world’s successful businessman and Asia’s Richest man. Jio Coin can be Ambani’s attempt to capture crypto market which has tendency to shake up things in the world’s crypto currency. Mukesh Ambani can also use Jio coin for Logistics and supply chain management business of Reliance retail. Also it can be used as loyalty reward for Jio users. We never know Ambani also acquire some of the crypto firm and merge it with Reliance. This man can do anything just like the craziest offer of Free Internet for 6 months when Jio launched.

The launch date of Reliance Jio coin is not fixed yet but the development is in progress and Mukesh Ambani might influence the Indian government by introducing his own customized Law for Cryptocurrency to support Jio Coin. As a introductory offer he also can give away some Jio coins for free. Some of the industry experts has Predicted the price of Jio coin and it will be around US$1 or Rs.75 before it get officially listed. There are many other Crypto coins available in international market such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc. bitcoin & Ethereum is very popular among them people have brought iPhone using bitcoins in US.

Overall, there’s no official announcement of Reliance Jio Coin but it has true potential to be biggest and only cryptocurrency of India when the Indian government lift the ban of Cryptocurrency. If this happened in near future, then Jio coin will disrupt the World’s Cryptocurrency market for sure as India is a population heavy county and day by day increasing internet users can help any firm to easily acquire new customer for their digital products.


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