These Are the Must Buy IT Stocks For Individual Investor

· All Major IT companies has decided to give permanent work from home to their majority staff.

· Tata Consultancy services (TCS), Infosys, HCL tech and Wipro has saved good money from operational cost.

Have you Noticed? all this 4 IT stocks has used blue color in their logo, interesting isn't it?

Indian Stock market is becoming unpredictable day by day individual investors has no clue on market condition in this situation all the independent investors are worried and have one common question whether they should invest in stock market or no, on the other hand who are confident and made their choice to invest they are also having confusion on where they invest and how they diversify their portfolio. In this condition one should invest in IT stocks. We bring you the list of IT Stocks which can give you up to 38 percent return in stock price if you hold them till march 2021.

Tata Consultancy services Limited (TCS) : One of the favorite stocks for Intraday traders as this stock always have high volumes and flatulate up to 10 percent every day. TCS is on new 52-week high price investor should keep close eyes on this stock now this will fall as profit booking will come forward. TCS on the company’s front the management board has decided to allow their 75 percent staff to work from home. This will result in cost cutting and can be considered as operational cost saving strategy. All the TCS employees are having pick and drop service by enabling employees to work from home this traveling expenses will be saved for the company. As per the balance sheet the traveling expenses is at 2 percent of total revenue. Company’s aim is to save maximum out of their operational expenses. Since majority of employees are working from home then other cost such as Internet, Infrastructure maintenance and electricity cost will be saved on all the worldwide office spread and as result of this the revenue will be increased and this will lead to the rise in the share price. One should by TCS between Rs.2280 to Rs.2320. Buy at every deep and hold till march 2021. This stock has potential to reach the Rs.3000 till next financial year.

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Infosys : One of the best among the all blue chip stock Infosys is must buy stock at present because Infosys has effectively used American depository receipts (ADRs) which allows Indian companies to invest in foreign entity. This has help us Infosys to recover from march lows. Infosys has shown growth in quarterly net profit with increasing profit margin (Year on year basis). The best thing about Infosys is it’s a net debt free company which means all the profits will boost the company’s capital and valuation which will lead to rise in the share price. This stock has gained 79.34 Percent in last 6months and currently having a very bullish trend. Buy this stock between Rs.965 to Rs.980 and hold it for January 2021 this stock has potential to reach Rs.1200.

HCL Tech : Another Indian IT giant who is doing well in its own niche space. As per the stock analyst the revenue for HCL Tech will grow by 3.5 percent in coming days and along with company also confident about increasing their operating margin all this will help the rise in the share price and hit the new 52 week high record and this will keep increasing as the company’s paid up capital will increase. HCL also has very low debt which can be cleared in a year or two if management decides then. This is positive fundamental which favors this stock. Individual investor must buy this stock between Rs.785 to Rs.798 and hold for at lest till March 2021 to get up to 30percent return. This stock has great potential and will sustain in this lockdown period.

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Persistent Systems: This stock can become a multi-beggar for you as the company has recovered very well from the March lows and gained over 118 percent in last 6months. Company also increasing their revenue every quarter from the last 4 quarter due to this share’s book value is also increasing this stock is currently undervalued with PE ratio of Rs.17.60. if we consider the Actual value then the current PE ratio should be around of Rs. 24 but its undervalued at Rs.17.60. this indicates the fast-paced recovery and stock will reach to its actual value and share priced expected to reach between Rs.1500 to Rs.1650 by March 2021. One should buy this stock below Rs.1145 and hold till next financial year.

With this would like to conclude that the COVID-19 has thought us many things and gave us a good opportunity by under valuing certain stock and open door for us to invest in these stocks at a right time and at a right price and make a good wealth. Individual investor can now move on from regular Mutual funds SIP to direct investment in stock and have a good profit margin. Keep coming to for More views, news, stock market updates and stock recommendation. Keep reading and keep investing.

Happy Investing!

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