Masaba Masaba Review:Don’t Miss This Hot Mess! Enjoy Masaba’s joyride - 4.5 Stars

Netflix’s latest web series Masaba Masaba is inside peek into the glamorous world of the Hindi film and fashion industry. No, its not biography of Fashion designer Masaba Gupta but it’s a work of friction inspired by Masaba’s real life in which Both Masaba and Need Gupta plays themselves. Its entertaining Joyride. Masaba is fabulous with her acting skills The perfect Debut. Spectacular cast with Multiple celebrity cameo is treat to watch Specially Kiara Advani and Malvika Mohanan. 

Director: Sonam Nair
Cast: Neena Gupta, Masaba Gupta, Neil Bhoopalam,Rytasha Rathore,Smaran Sahu and Pooja bedi
Length : 6 Episode (30 mins each)
Platform: Netflix
Rating: 4.5 Stars

: Masaba Masaba is the story of the Fashion designer who is perfectly imperfect in her day to day life from finding the perfect design to convincing the investors to hosting a fashion show, Hustle is real and struggles to find the perfect life partner. From very first episode till the climax the story revolves around the Life of Mother Daughter duo Masaba and Neena Gupta. Episode by Episode celebrity guest appearance will surprise you. Starting with Kiara Advani who fakes an accent and desires to get fashionable outfit for so called Swatch Bharat activity, Shibani Dandekar showcasing her artistry side and selling big old iron, Farah Khan discussing keto diet and intermittent fasting and Malvika Mohanan who throws relationship tantrums and loose control just before the fashion show. Story has the perfect balance of drama, love and lust that you will fall in love. It’s a six-episode series and every episode is having Hustle and ups & downs of Fashion designer and Hindi film actress who is ready for her second inning.

Acting: Masaba’s acting debut is stunning, many of you don’t expect the fashion designer to be a good actress but masaba has broken up the stereotype and impressed us with her fine acting skills. Self-portrayal and Playing frictional version is not easy, Masaba did it very well on the other side Neena Gupta also showed her superlative acting skill and leaves no room for errors is highly commendable along with these two leading ladies, Rytasha Rathore also did full justice to her character of Masaba’s Bestie it’s a treat to watch her delightful acting on the screen. Neil Bhoopalam & Smaran Sahu handsomely played their part and impressed us. It looks like the role specially written only for these two gentlemen. In between you get to see little masaba, Cute and adorable little Masaba is also looking beautiful on screen.

Direction & Cinematography: Sonam Nair who directed couple of films earlier and now did full justice with her direction skills in this web series. Shot some great outdoor scenes. Good use of natural lights enhancing the cinematic feels. Colour treatment is very well intended focused on every detail. Good use of the transition. Best portrayal of social media on screen. Overall Direction, Cinematography and Editing is up to the mark. At some point you will compare the cinematography with “Four More shots Please!” web series as the cinematic feel and colour grading looks almost same.

Final Verdict
: The perfect blend of facts and friction forces you to binge watch this series. No dull moment at all during the 3 hours of play time. The joyride full of Fun, love and emotions. It inspires you to face your problems instead of running away from it. It’s Masaba so you will get to see some fashionable outfits in the series good work in costume designing as well.Don’t miss this Hot Mess enjoy every bit of it. 4.5 stars out of 5. Masaba is multi-talented personality and you want to see her more on screen. 3 hours is not enough expecting second season

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