Top Stocks Picks for September Get positive returns up to 30 percent | Short Term Calls

Indian GDP is heavily impacted due to outbreak of corona virus but with phases of Unlocks in India companies are recovering well as millennial are going out and spending on many things. This will help Indian economy also aid in share market. Indices are gaining and brokers and traders are investing decent amount of money in stocks. We bring you our top picks for September 2020 

IndusInd Bank – CMP : 632.05 | Buy | Target : 679 | period – 60 days
Promoters of IndusInd banks are steadily increasing their shareholding in this stock.Bank is registering profits Quarter by quarter. Bank is planning to allot 4.76 crore shares at Rs.524 through preferential basis to qualified institutional buyers therefor This stock becomes must buy in September. Investor can buy around Rs.630 and hold it for 2months to get gross profit of almost Rs.50 per share.

Indigo – CMP : 1282.30 | Buy | Target 1324 | period – 45 days
Indian government is allowing all the airline to operate with 60 percent capacity this will boost indigo’s business as the company is having 40 percent market share and flights running on total 87 destination. In September most of the corporate will also get on decent pace and B2B travelling will gain momentum. All this will be benefit to indigo from aviation a must buy stock in September hold it for 45 days or even late as the time passes better the situation and high chances of gaining stock price. Buy this share between Rs.1280 to 1284 and hold it for at lest 45 days to get Rs 42 Return per share.

Edelweiss Financial Services - CMP : 80.05 | Buy | Target 96 | period – 40 days | Upside 20 Percent
Expected to reach 100 mark in 60 days but 60 days is long period and it can fall also as market is behaving dynamically these days. Edelweiss is expecting investment from Canada’s financial firm based in Ontario. Plans to invest $350 Million in Indian private credit market this will boost the share price and have good impact on other financial services. Investor can buy around 80 and hold till 96 in span of 40 days or if you want to take extra risk then wait for some more time till it reach 100 and sell it off.

Dish TV - CMP : 11.45 | Buy | Target 20 | period – 25 days | Upside 74 Percent
Recently published quarterly result and reported net profit of Rs 75.94 crore in Q1FY21. As per the brokerage firm Dish TV share price is expected to reach new height of this Quarter. Company with low debt and strong cash generating ability from core business indicates very bullish trend. Investor can enter at 12 or lower price and wait to reach till 20. Stock is quite affordable hence no need to use margin buy with all cash and hold it for 25 days and book the profit.


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