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Hot Stocks For October 2020 | TCS,Wipro,Bandhan Bank share moves Ahead | Market Updates

  TCS share prices Moved ahead and created new 52 week high. Wipro share price slowly moving towards new stable price Bandhan Bank share price grown by 14 Percent in last week. Indian share market gained decent on last week thanks to a good support from IT and Banking shares. Indian Index Nifty 50 gained 497.25 points and closed on 11,914 which is the highest closing level since February 2020 on the other hand Sensex also made the fast move of 1812.44 points on the index bar and closed on 40,509.49 which is a good sign for the market. Let’s check out which share had the good momentum and which share shacked the market. Wipro : one of the trusted Indian IT company has shown good movement on the index and share price rose by 20 percent. The rise in price is likely to do with the company’s strategy to buyback shares. The board of Directors of Wipro is considering the buyback of Equity shares of the company and likely to propose on the board meeting which will took place on October 13

Original Film on Akshardham Attack coming soon.

Zee5 has Announced the Original Film based on Gandhinagar Akshardham Temple Attack Film will be Titled as STATE OF SIEGE: AKSHARDHAM Film will showcase the Efforts of NSG commando Zee Essel group owned OTT Platform Zee5 has Announced that they are coming up with new Original Film based on the 2002 Akshardham Temple attack in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. On 24 th September 2002 This Terrorist attack took place in Gandhinagar, Gujarat at Akshardham temple and Our NSG(National Security Guards) Commander took charge of the situation, killed terrorists and ended the siege next day but before that the Terrorist Killed over 30 people and more than 80 people were injured. Later, Gujrat police has arrested 6 accused masterminds of this Unholy attack on Akshardham Temple. This incident has become a case study to NSG . The NSG commando in-charge Brigadier Raj Seetapathy lead the operation and successfully executed the rescue mission called 'Operation Thunderbolt' or 'Operation Vajra