Original Film on Akshardham Attack coming soon.

  • Zee5 has Announced the Original Film based on Gandhinagar Akshardham Temple Attack
  • Film will be Titled as STATE OF SIEGE: AKSHARDHAM
  • Film will showcase the Efforts of NSG commando

Zee Essel group owned OTT Platform Zee5 has Announced that they are coming up with new Original Film based on the 2002 Akshardham Temple attack in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. On 24th September 2002 This Terrorist attack took place in Gandhinagar, Gujarat at Akshardham temple and Our NSG(National Security Guards) Commander took charge of the situation, killed terrorists and ended the siege next day but before that the Terrorist Killed over 30 people and more than 80 people were injured.

Later, Gujrat police has arrested 6 accused masterminds of this Unholy attack on Akshardham Temple. This incident has become a case study to NSG. The NSG commando in-charge Brigadier Raj Seetapathy lead the operation and successfully executed the rescue mission called 'Operation Thunderbolt' or 'Operation Vajra Shakti'. Now this is indeed a great case study and a great script for Film makers. Now this case study will be presented as Film and it will enhance the learning experience for all the Indians about such incident. We wonder its been 18 years now of this incident and how come No one has made film out of it yet. Usually Bollywood is aggressive on making a film on national issue or National attack. There are many films made right after the incident took place just like 26/11 Mumbai Attack there is multiple film already been made on a URI attack well I would say “Better late than never”.

Zee5 already have a film on 26/11 Mumbai attack called 'State of Siege : 26/11” and now they are creating a franchise out of it and next film of this State of Siege franchise will be called as “STATE OF SIEGE: AKSHARDHAM” both were successfully executed by Indian NSG Commandos. Aparna Acharekar, Programming Head, ZEE5 India said, “When last year we announced “State of Siege: 26/11” we were aiming to create franchise out of it and will continue doing it with different stories of NSG Mission.we are glad that audience loved our effort and this motivate us to come up with more such content and we are happy to announced the next film of this franchise STATE OF SIEGE: AKSHARDHAM”

Director Ken Ghosh is happy with the success of the first part and now excited to make another one. This is second association of ken with Zee5 as Ken has directed Abhay as well for Zee5. Everyone has hear about the Akshardham attack but very few people knows what exactly happened. Ken and his team will be digging out all this information and research points and putting it in front of lens. This will create much needed awareness also helps in building positive image of NSG Commandos. Decoding entre event is bit tough but not impossible and of course the writers and directors will add their own creativity to dramatize the film and enhance the viewing experience.

Abhimanyu Singh, Founder & CEO, Contiloe Pictures is all set to produce another thrilling story of NSG commandos and strengthen partnership with Zee5. The casting of this film is still in process and it will have known faces for sure. Pre-production is on the peak at this moment. STATE OF SIEGE: AKSHARDHAM is set to go on floors soon and scheduled for a 2021 release exclusively on ZEE5.


  1. Akshardham. Jai Swaminarayan

  2. Thank you for the sharing good knowledge and information its very helpful and understanding. as we are looking for this information since long time. how to become a nsg commando.

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