KAALI PEELI Tales Review – 3 stars – A good watch for Couples which has clever dialogues

 Kali Peeli Tales is the latest offering of Amazon Mini TV which focuses on the various aspects of the relationship. It comprised of 6 different stories based on love, lust, and loneliness.

Director: Adeeb Rais

Length: 6 Episode (25-30 mins each,)

Platform: Amazon Mini TV

Rating: 3 Stars

Cast: Vinay Pathak, Gauahar Khan, Sayani Gupta, Maanvi Gagroo, Soni Razdan, Hussain Dalal, Sharib Hashmi.

Story: Kaali Peeli tales is a set of 6 different stories with distinct cast in every episode all 6 stories has good emotional touch in every aspect of the story.it roams around the themes of Love Affair, marital challenges, homosexuality, compassion, and separation which has one thing in common which is Mumbai’s Iconic Kaali Peeli taxi a common thread across all the stories which hold them together. First episode has Vinay Pathak and Soni Razdan who are separated and now reunites for the important event of their daughter second episode is tale of married couple which lead by Maanvi Gagroo and Hussain Dalal. The funny tale that questions the existence of the traditional concept of Marriage. Third one is on the love and hate between blogger and Influencer. Forth tale is on the honesty in relationship and ups and downs in love life. Played beautifully by Sayani Gupta. fifth is about regret, trauma and forgiveness Sharib Hashmi’s character will make you laugh and delivers the Positive message. And lastly the sixth one is on the Loose ends of love, friendship and sexuality which slightly resonates with today’s society.

Direction & Cinematography: Directed by Adeeb Rais who has directed many offbeat films earlier had done good justice with cinematic treatment of these six shorts films. Adeeb is young but clever enough to do full justice with the film and cinematography. He is also acting In one of the tale of this series. overall direction is Decent and Adeeb is moving in good direction for his film making career.

Acting & Casting: six different stories require good bunch of casts and it’s a headache to get good actors on board specially when you have limited time to shoot. Kaali Peeli Tales has a great ensemble of cast from veterans to the newcomer it has everyone. Starting from Vinay Pathak who did full justice to his character to Soni razdan who never fails to get deep into her character to Gauahar khan who acted brilliantly in this who but got very limited screentime which disappoints us because we all want to see more when the actor is performing well. The newcomers also did good job in acting department. Apart from acting all 6 episodes has good dialogues which makes it very interesting and some of the dialogues are so cleverly written that you can use it in your daily marital life.

Final Verdict: With 6 Variety of relationships tossing between several traits of marriage and Love affair along with cosmopolitan characters who are on crossroads of change and acceptance in their individual lives, Kaali Peeli is not just a taxi, but holds sentimental significance for a lot of us. 3 stars to this fresh tale from young director. A good watch for couples.


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