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Pocket FM is hiring for the following roles.

  • Promo Producer English 3-4 years 

India, Remote.

  • Influencer Marketing Manager 

4+ years, India,Remote

  • Copy Writer

5-7 years, India, Remote

  • Growth Lead

6+ years, India, Remote

  • Growth lead, Engagement+Retention 

6+ years, India,Remote.

  • Growth Lead-Emerging channels

4-6 years

  • Growth Manager 2+ years,

India, Remote.

Email your resume to (HR BP)

Please note Pocket FM is not having any offices in india, it's a remote working company and it's a high risk to join these companies, we never know what happens, when they shut down. so be careful while choosing such companies. this company has asked many people to put down the papers. Always negotiate your Probation period while joining the company and keep the probation period as minimum as possible because as an HR we have seen many cases where startups has 6months of probation period and once you complete the probation period they can simply refuse to hire you on their payroll, therefore, its better to not join such startups even if they give more then 50% hike. majority of startups have a hiring and firing policy, they will hire you from your stable company and they will keep you for 6 months to seek learnings and expertise from you and they will kick you out. 

Job Opportunities at Pinkvilla 

1. Pop Culture Expert Creative Producer for Snapchat

Description: We are seeking a talented Creative Producer with 3-5 years of experience in the entertainment industry and a deep understanding of pop culture. 

2. True Crime Passionate Creative Producer  for Snapchat

Description: We are looking for a highly skilled Creative Producer with 3-5 years of experience and a strong passion for true crime. 

3. Internship at Pinkvilla Facebook 

4. Internship at Pinkvilla Snapchat 

Interested candidate can email their updated CV at

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