Sonakshi Sinha says, " I am a Kohli fan, and they are doing so well, and I have a feeling that the Bangalore team has strong chances!"

Two of India’s greatest passions – cricket and Bollywood -- came together on JioCinema’s AJIO Match Centre Live recently to create a new feat. The star cast of the upcoming series Dahaad, Sonakshi Sinha and Vijay Varma were hosted by JioCinema anchor Anant Tyagi for JioCinema’s pre-match show, in a helicopter, mid-air. This was the first time that a TATA IPL show was taken up in the skies and shot while hovering over Mumbai’s skyline. “For the first time in the history of cricket broadcasting, we will talk about entertainment and cricket while flying in a helicopter over Mumbai with the star cast of Dahaad,” said Tyagi. The cast also made their IPL playoff predictions during the segment.

Speaking about how she is able to watch the IPL matches despite her busy schedule, Sinha said: “I try to watch as much as I can on JioCinema, which has made life easier. Whenever we get a little time off, there are so many boys around, and they all love cricket, so we get to hear something or the other, like what the score is and who is playing, and if anyone is watching, then we also join them.” 

On the topic of who the contenders for the top four spots in the IPL table could be, Varma agreed that Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings are in a strong position. He added: “I am a Kohli fan, and they are doing so well, and I have a feeling that the Bangalore team has strong chances.” On the other hand, Sinha exclaimed: “I am going with Mumbai Indians and RCB, but Mumbai Indians because I am a Mumbai girl, so I am very partial to that.” 

Talking about the icon that Kohli is and what inspires them the most about him, Sinha said: “I think he is a very focused player. I believe he was the youngest to smash many records. And I remember when he was just smashing all these records, like how proud he made the entire country, so I think that is very inspiring.” Varma, on the other hand, exclaimed: “I think he is the king of aggression; he performs so well under pressure. I saw that match between India and Pakistan where he came in. We were in a tough place; we had like 24 or 26 runs to make in the last over. He came in, he hit it out of the park, and he got the match for India. It was so inspiring; he performs so well under pressure. He is such a great captain; he has such a great personal style; and he is so much fun to watch on the field.” 

Sinha then added: “And I love the fact that he has always been himself, so unapologetically. Voh Dahaadta hai."

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