Skills Caravan B2B EdTech Platform Integrates AI to Enhance Personalized Learning Experiences

The SaaS-based ed-tech platform has integrated Generative AI models to leverage psychological insights for an enhanced and more personalized employee learning experience. 

Skills Caravan – a SaaS-based B2B edtech platform has recently integrated Artificial Intelligence backed by robust features in its state-of-the-art experiential learning platform. This aligns with the platform’s goal to provide enhanced LMS, Live Classroom, Offline Training and External Content powered by generative AI and analytics. 

Employees are the fundamental unit of an organization and they need to be constantly adaptive to adjust to the present age of technology. Skills Caravan utilises  Generative AI models to understand the context of dialogues and enhance personalization within the platform. 

The AI integration helps Skills Caravan to better engage the users and also understand and process the learning requirements of their workforce. It understands the context of the user's learning path and their learning abilities. This set of information keeps growing with user activity which leads to further fine-tuning for every user action.    

Improved targeting and upskilling can lead to significant, long-term impacts on employee engagement and performance, ultimately contributing to an organization's business growth.

Commenting on the announcement, Sarita Chand, Founder of Skills Caravan said, “Today’s world determines competency by the smallest of competitive advantages. Companies strive to keep their employees engaged and ahead of the learning curve. At Skills Caravan, we strive to move from a monolithic to a modular learning approach through a technology-enabled and AI-embedded system.” 

Launched in 2022, Skills Caravan is recognized as one of its kind platform that provides B2B learning and development solutions to listed BFSI, Real Estate and Automobile companies and Unicorn startups. It focuses on bite-sized learning and its daily micro-learning recommendations (like the Instagram and TikTok reels) have higher adoption rates.

Today’s world has become ultra-competitive which generates a massive demand for organizations to gamify employee training and learning programs. Skills Caravan stimulates progress by gamifying employee training and learning programs, fostering social learning and friendly competition.

As part of gamification, Skills Caravan leverages analytics to gain insights into human potential. It tracks KPIs that matter with 50+ points of data tracking. It further tests the skill competency of organizations’ workforce against industry and fulfils the learning goals and interests of employees. 

Skills Caravan provides the most flexible LMS that features compatible content for learners. The platform boasts Blockchain certifications, Integrations with HRMS, Quiz and Quick Assessments and dedicated human assistance for L&D troubleshooting. Furthermore, the platform emphasizes on leadership learning programs featuring curated learning content from internal or external sources while also setting deadlines to monitor and guide employees to get there. To enable transformative leadership learning experiences, the edtech platform offers Live Classroom training with pre-reads and post surveys and performance tracking. 

Integration of AI in Skills Caravan proves to be a game changer in the B2B learning landscape. The platform aims to provide a transformative learning environment to users with personalized learning experiences.

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