Bodhitree Multimedia's 'Class' on Netflix is on a roll, wins 'Most Popular Youth Show: Editor's Choice' at a recent awards function

Bodhitree Multimedia, a leading Indian entertainment production company, is renowned for its innovative adaptation of international formats for the Indian market. "Class," the Indian adaptation of the Spanish drama "Elite," recently won the prestigious "Most Popular Youth Show: Editor's Choice" award.

"Class" was well-received in India because it realistically depicted high school life and Indian youth's struggles. Bodhitree Multimedia successfully blended the original series with regional sensibilities to create a compelling story that resonated with Indian audiences. The show's gripping plot and well-developed characters made Bodhitree Multimedia a pioneer in Indian OTT content.

"Class" winning the 'Most Popular Youth Show: Editor's Choice' award reinforces Bodhitree Multimedia's industry success. Their ability to adapt and create high-quality content that appeals to diverse Indian audiences shows they understand viewers. In the ever-changing entertainment industry, their success inspires aspiring directors and producers in forming eclectic teams to produce top quality content.

Bodhitree Multimedia continues to bridge international formats and Indian storytelling, leaving an indelible mark on the Indian entertainment industry. Audiences eagerly await their future projects to see their magic on screen.

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