What author Shanayaa Suri’s novel, “Suicidal Star” a #goodread?

What prompted me to buy author Shanayaa Suri’s novel, “Suicidal Star” is the relevance it has to a recent happening in Bollywood. There’s so much written about the depressed Bollywood actor who has committed suicide.

The book is available on Amazon:

What I liked about the book:

The author Shanayaa Suri has built up the right momentum to the story-telling. I just couldn’t stop reading it and I wanted to know more about the character Tejaswini and why she hated Khushankk so much?

The language is easy-to-read.

The disclosures about the games aspiring actors mentioned in the narrative are shocking.

Insights into the depressive actor are handled with calmness. This doesn’t make it a morbid suicide story.

The love angle has been given suitable justice.

Of course, the best is the climax. It’s shocking.

Some excerpts of the book which would tempt you to buy it immediately.

Khushankk had confessed to his psychiatrist, “This faggot producer desperately wanted to bed me. So I played the game with him, he arranged a high-end secretive resort stay in Bangalore for us. We travelled separately, stayed in different rooms. I don’t know what got into me and I became an eternal cock teaser. I aroused him and made him more desperate, showed him sneak peeks without allowing him to touch me”.

Kiara to Nikhil Shetty, “Baby, I don’t think you can help. Khushankk is a dangerous guy who leaves no loose ends. He knows of our affair and could ruin your dad’s reputation, he’s well connected to the media. If anything nasty linking us is out, your family will never accept me. I don’t know how to get out of this”.

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  1. A must read book

  2. Its not been a month of this incedent,how quickly the book got published


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