State of Siege: Temple Attack Review: 3.5 Stars – Thrilling story of Akshardham Temple Attack

State of Siege: Temple Attack is 2nd Original film of the Zee5’s State of Siege series first was on Mumbai 26/11 attack and this one is Terrorist attack on Gandhinagar’s Swaminarayan templeAkshardham”. Its heroic saga of India’s NSG commandos inspired by true events back then Sept 2002 temple attack that shook entire nation and took lives of 30 people and more than 80 people got injured. trailer looks promising and thrilling hence we decided to watch and review this Zee’s Original film which is Sequel of State of Siege Series.

Director: Ken Ghosh

Writers: William Borthwick Simon Fantauzzo

Platform: Zee5

Duration: 110 mins.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Cast: Akshaye Khanna, Manjari Fadnnis, Gautam Rode, Kallirroi Tziafeta, Parvin Dabas & Vivek Dahiya

Story: Story is a rescue drama of the Temple attack where India’s NSG Commandos heroic efforts saves lives of many people during the Temple attack, it is a thrilling story which shook entire nation. There is also a parallel story on how NSG commandos have arrested a terrorist leader which resulted in this temple attack. Good twist and turns in the story along with some light paused which gives you the glimpse of the entire terrorist world. It is a Heroic saga of India’s NSG Commandos where they rescued several hostages in a very clever manner. Dialogues is good and screenplay looks promising.

Acting: Akshay Khanna is leading the role of NSG Commando and did decent with his acting skills, we can see there is room for improvement but at overall level Akshay did a good job in acting department. Supporting cast includes Gautam Rode also did full justice to his character, Pravin Dabas got very limited screen space along with Samir Sony and Manjari Fadnnis. Abhimanyu Singh who has created this state of Siege Series plays the negative role and does good job in his scary terrorist role but not so scary. Overall acting is decent as the Assemble of cast did fair job in Acting Department.

Direction and Cinematography: Direction of Ken Ghosh is good for this original, we get to see some whacky camera angel which looks like the famous PC game Counter Strike. Some scenes are stunning, and some fighting events are treat to watch but its very limited in this original. Ken Ghosh has experimented here in cinematography department and used green screens/Chroma Key very cleverly. Overall Direction and cinematography is good.

Final Verdict: with decent twist and turns and clever cinematography along with decent job of Cast in acting, “State of Siege: Temple Attack” is one time watch film; I wish they could have kept the original names of all the characters and the temple itself but nevertheless we undstanding they do not want fall in any controversies. 3.5 stars to this thrilling original film on 2002 Akshardham Terror attack and yes there will be 3rd part of this State of Siege series as you will see little hint of the beginning of the 3rd part at the end of this Temple attack story.



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