Windows 11 is here, The Ultra Smooth Operating system by Microsoft.

Well, when it comes to Computer the only 2 names comes in our mind one is Apple’s Mac and Another is Microsoft’s Windows and now the most famous Operating system worldwide has came up with its brand new version, its Windows 11. Yes, its been 6 years now since Microsoft has Launched windows 10, now they come up with Ultra smooth and Rapid fast OS which is Windows 11. 

What’s New in Windows 11

Well, there is a lot, starting from the boot screen to having a android support windows 11 has many new features and its working ultra-smooth. It has a Fresh theme which is a treat for your eyes. Stunning wallpapers the widgets are back, now you can have a lot more widget on your desktop, the start button on taskbar has moved from extreme left to center. Brand new icon pack which is slightly inspired from Mac OS. Square shape is on focus on every graphic as the square represents the brand Windows.(4 squares looks like it’s a someone’s home window). Fresh Start menu with uber cool looks. Cool blue colored mixed everywhere in the operating system.

Powerful Search : Now in windows 11, the search got some power boost as the Search Indexing services improved to find everything at just a click you can find all the settings to your personal files with superfast loading speed of results. To keep you productive, windows 11 has revamped its  Alt tab window with custom layouts. Which is a great change. You can connect multiple screens with ultra-HDMI support. Its has inbuilt Microsoft teams so that you can call anyone and the best part is its free!

With Windows 11 you can personalized your feed with gadgets. The best part of windows 11 is that its automatically adapts your behavior whether you are typing or using voice commands or you are writing with pen input it will remember all your habits, well this will make you bit lazy (LOL) but it will save most of your time too. You can use power alt tab to sort and switch between your important task.

Talking about the gaming windows 11 has unveiled some powerful tweaks controls for ultimate gaming experience. “Unrivaled gaming experience” as they say. With Direct X 12 Ultimate and Auto HDR on display your gaming experience will be enhanced to another level. You can play your Xbox games in windows 11 for that you’ll need Game Pass which Microsoft is selling separately (Such a cleaver folks!). with windows 11 you will also get a new App store through which you can download and run Android apps on your laptops/PCs without downloading any Simulator which is great move by Microsoft.

The operating system works well on touch screen devices as well, it is the new clam and creative OS with some Uber cool features which not only saves your time but wows you with refreshing design. The focus is to maximize the productivity whether your having a video call with you loved ones or having a team meeting through video conferencing (I guess we are still working from homes!)

Windows 11 is a free for all who are currently having windows 10 OS but you have to wait for some more time probably by 1st week of August 2021. Because they just had limited launch for tech influencers, and you will be seeing a lot of videos of windows 11 on YouTube. You can check this place later as well, we may post exclusive download link of windows 11!

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